Race Reminiscing Through Pictures!

RiverBank pasts…

2005– My first 25k!

25k #2– 2006

2007-  This picture was taken 1 week or so after I ran the 5k pregnant with Miles.  No pictures of me running though, but I swear I did!   🙂

A day after the 2009 25k. My best time ever! 🙂

Amara’s 1st 5k!

25k– 2011  #6 in the books! 

Onto the next!  2012 will mark my 7th 25k!  Even if I feel unprepared for whatever reason, I don’t think much would stop me from participating in this event.  And besides, the race medal is HUGE.  You are going to be so jealous of it when I show it off.  😉


7 thoughts on “Race Reminiscing Through Pictures!

  1. I’m so jealous of the big race medal! I trained all winter for the 25K, it was going to be my first time, but only a few weeks out from the race I got injured 😦 Good luck to you!!

  2. I am beyond jealous of that race medal. Of all the years to get hurt…GRRR…

    You go out there and run the crap out of that race then wear that 35th anniversary bling with pride!

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