Ready to run….. ?

I actually feel ready to run again!(I think)  Yahoo!  I tried to take it easy last week in terms of workouts.  I really couldn’t didn’t take any time off due to the nature of my job, but I did the best I could of scaling things back.  I taught my classes and did not run at all.  I did hop on the elliptical last Thursday for a very easy 30 minutes.

I stepped things up this week.  During marathon training I slacked on consistent weight training, so I want to bring that back into my life again.  I miss it a lot!

Sunday:  I headed to a high school track with bleachers and did a workout!  It kinda kicked my butt.  I plan on getting in 2 solid days of weights.  This was day 1.  Where are the weights you might be asking, but I will count it anyway.  Bodyweight training ain’t no joke…..

Borrowed and tweaked from .  Here is my rendition.  This took me just about 30 minute from start to finish.

Warm up- 1 lap around track

20 jumping jacks

10 burpees

20 alternating lunges

5 minutes of bleachers

10 incline push ups ( hands on the bleachers)

10 triceps dips

20 alternating lunges

5 minute bleacher run

30 second plank 

20 tummy tucks

5 minute bleacher run

20 bicycle crunches

2nd time through I did everything BOLDED and added on 5 minutes of bleachers at the end.  It went by fast!  Try it and let me know what you think.   🙂

The rest of the week was as usual + an extra spin class I subbed.

Today I dusted off my road bike.  I said MY road bike because it is finally paid off and officially MINE!  🙂    I only went for 10 miles, but that was plenty.

Today is normally an easy day or a complete rest day for me.

After my bike ride I came home and did a workout in my living room.  I am getting better at working out in my house—  I still kind of dread it, but it was very convenient for me today.  It involved super-sets and some serious ab work.  Both things I need!  😉

Next weekend is the 25k race which is usually all I talk about from January until the actual race.  If you are a long time follower of this blog, you might remember how last years 25k went for me.  This year I am taking a  different approach.  I am going to run it for the fun of running??!  What in the world??  I thought about skipping it all together, but I have been a part of this race consistently since 2005.  I ran the 5k while pregnant with Miles, because it was the 30th anniversary of the race and I was turning 30 a week later — how could I skip out??  And this year I will be 35 (OMG)  a week after the 35th anniversary of the race.  There is no skipping out now.  * side note*Speaking of anniversaries – Matt and I celebrated 9 married years together on April 26th.  🙂   Feels like 20!

So anyway…the race.  I will do it and it will be fun!  You heard it here folks!  🙂


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