Glass City Marathon Recap (Marcia)

So this will be a rambling post ( as if that is something new for me) filled with pictures, insights and thoughts. I told Andi I wish I had some kind of dictation device while running the marathon. I thought of tons of clever, interesting, funny and very philosophical things to blog about. Naturally, I can’t remember any of that stuff.
Let’s try to get all the negative stuff out of the way so we can end on a positive note…
~This was my slowest marathon ever. ( *sidenote- I knew it would be even before training began, but it’s still a little tough to swallow)
~ My pre race Dinner was horrible- 3 small pancakes, lots of water, a serving of turkey jerky and an orange
~ I woke up with a headache and ran the first 10 miles with a weird acting/feeling stomach *still my fastest segment of the race-go figure!
~ My right glute slowly fizzled away around mile 19 or 20, as did my neck – I could not turn my head without turning my whole body.
Clock Time 4:35:25
Chip Time 4:32:16
Overall Place 586 / 804
Gender Place 203 / 300
Division Place 40 / 60

Ok, enough of that. The above are not excuses to anything. I am just giving some facts of the day..a RECAP if you will .. 😉

Good stuff:
Road tripin’ it with my partner in crime
Welcome to Ohio!– the black space says that..close your eyes and imagine it. 🙂

Choosing the perfect outfit ( this might have been my race highlight)

Our motto " We might not be fast, but at least we look cute" or something like that.. 🙂

Putting the outfit on!

Let's race! Tough Chik tank top - the back says " this is what tough looks like"

The morning started pretty chilly. It was around 37 degrees at the start, but surprisingly I was not freezing. Of course I had on my gloves and hand warmers, but I was really happy with my outfit selection. Last year I was layered and still freezing cold. There was very little wind compared to last year too. Whew!

I lost count how many compliments we received on our socks, tops and skirts. It was not so bad NOT having fans family on this course to cheer for us. Our names became ” Cute socks” , ” Cute skirts”, and ” I love your shirt” It kinda made up for a piss poor race time. 😉 You know what I mean… don’t pretend like you don’t.

Somewhere in the race after mile 20 I began my marathon shuffle ( thanks to my frozen butt cheek and the fact that it was after mile 20) I met a buddy. She was struggling and she had no idea that I was as well. We ran together for about 2.5 miles before she told me to go on ahead. She thanked me at least 30 times for getting her though the rough patch of the race, but she had no idea how much she helped me! There were a lot of things I saw as negatives, fortunately there were little moments such as this one all through the race that reminded me why I love to run, race and compete. As corny and cliche’ as it sounds, this race was definitely about the journey. Totally. I had a great time training for this marathon. The training was 4 months long, the race was only 4+ hours. Of course I will remember the race day, but I will also remember the days and months leading up to it.

It's neon green...Amara told me I was in style. Neon is all the rage this year. Good to know.

Bottoms up!

Super huge bling!

To finally wrap this up, the race was a success. I completed it! Marathon number three is in the books! Soon after the race I texted Matt to remind me how much I HATE this distance ( the next time I talk about doing 26.2). A few hours later I told him that I can’t have my last marathon be my worse marathon time…..ugh. I know I won’t do another one this year. And probably not next year either. I know I may never run another 3:34 marathon again ( 2009 baby!) But, the competitor in me knows I can’t go out like this…nope. 🙂


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