Where have we been??   Last week was Spring Break for our kids.  I wish I was going to tell you about the warm week- long vacation we took, but I’m not.  We stayed here in cold West Michigan as I have for my whole life.  With the exception of 1 Spring Break in college….those were the days.   😉

I was afraid Amara was going to be bored for a week straight, but she wasn’t!   Success!  That meant I had no time for blogging and other “extras”.

I can’t even remember everything we did.  Trips to the library, the museum, running boat loads of errands, the gym almost everyday, pawned them off from 9-5 to Andi’s husband.  🙂  A weekend Easter trip to the in-laws.  I probably forgot at least 10 other things, but you get the picture.  We were busy.  I need a vacation.  *notice, I did not put a cute 😉 there * Nope.

As for my workouts…I did the usual. Spin three times a week and taught a Cardio Sculpt and 1 Totally Toned class.  I also did 2 days of core on my own.  I want it to become a trend.   Last weekend I ran 12 miles without my partner in crime.  It was hard. I won’t lie. I was lonely.  I used to run by myself a lot a few years ago.  Running 10+ miles alone was not a big deal.  I had my music to keep me company.  I am not used to that anymore.  It was HARD.  I am just glad I got it done. Taper time- it seemed like I barely ran!  My goal was really to run for 2 hours and I did for 12.15miles in all. It was a beautiful day too, so that helped a little with my loneliness.

This week I will be teaching my normal classes etc. and running less.  I ran a little over 5 miles today, with 3 + being at tempo pace.  I might run a few easy miles on Thursday and 10 on Saturday.  10!  It’s going to seem so weird!   🙂

It’s time to start planning some goals for after this marathon.  I already know 1 goal ( *no more marathons for a while).




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