Let the marathon countdown begin!

Andi and I are about 25 days away from our next adventure – Glass City Marathon. I am kind of excited.  My excitement stems from 2 places.  First one being that it will finally be over soon!  That seems like a rotten attitude, but marathon training is HARD.  Although this past Saturday’s run of 20 miles went fairly well; considering it was 20 miles.  I was not as beat up as I usually am.

It’s been a while since I trained for a full marathon, so a little memory loss might be going on here.  It’s kinda like birthing a toddler baby I imagine.  You forget about all the pain and suffering and screaming and after a few months want to sign up again.  Or something like that.  The second part of my excitement comes from getting to run with my partner in crime.  Even though I still blame her for talking me into doing this 26.2. It did take a lot of convincing on her part. Somehow I believed the lies she was telling me – she can be very convincing when she wants something.    😉      We have not officially talked about our plan of action yet.  In other words, I am not sure if we are sticking together for this one, or will I be looking at Andi’s strong glutes during the whole race??  Whatever we decide on I don’t mind.  It’s all about the journey when it comes to race training.  If you think about it, during this training cycle we have already done at least 5 marathons together mileage wise.

So, let the marathon countdown begin and the journey continue.  Glass City we are coming for ya!     🙂

Last year during the Glass City Half Marathon


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