Race recap… Irish Jig

It was a PERFECT day.  Last year I ran it in my winter layers and overheated (common for me), this year I ran it in shorts and tank … and overheated!  Ha!  Well, I started the race hoping to “race.”  Within about a minute, I realized that wasn’t gonna happen.  This race was PACKED!  My first mile was terrible, not because I was running it poorly, but because I was trying like crazy to weave through people and getting stuck and tripped up multiple times.  People were running and walking with friends (which is fine, don’t get me wrong), but please don’t take up the entire road … just scootch to the side, people. This is a “fun race” for a lot of runners, but it is still a RACE, and for some people the fun part of a race is running hard.  There’s room for both groups of people out there, and we must remain conscious of both groups … that’s all I’ll say about that.  RunGR advised that we start toward the front … which makes a lot more sense now and I consider that a lesson learned.  🙂 I looked down at my watch during the first mile and my pace was like 9:15.

The crowd of people. 🙂 The girls were excited to see me!

The last 2 miles it cleared up a bit more, and I was able to pick up my pace significantly to try to get closer to the time I wanted.  I didn’t hit my goal, but like I said, pretty quickly into the race I saw that that wasn’t gonna happen.  The best part for me, I think, was that I was able to adapt to that reality.  I don’t adapt well or switch plans easily (can you say … “high strung!”), and I actually didn’t get too frustrated.  (Despite the way the above words may sound, I really got over it pretty quickly, and I was able keep myself going even when I saw it wasn’t working out as I had planned).  I finished in 24:47.  I would have liked to shave a minute off of that, but I’m ok with how it ended up.  Not my best time, but not a bad one either.  It was nice to run a short race and to do it in beautiful weather!  Next week it’s back to marathon training… 20 miler here we come!

Look who's workin' on the attitude! 😉

My race day fans. I had the cutest crew there ... just sayin'


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