Irish Jig 5k Recap (Marcia and Amara)

Today I ran my first 5k in a year.  The weather was beyond AMAZING!  That’s not what made today so awesome though.  I ran my first 5k with Amara!  She and I have run races together before, but only the 1 mile kids runs.  Matt usually does the 5k’s with her.   Truth be told- I feel kinda selfish.  I never run the 5k with her because I am running the longer distance option. *momoftheyear* We have been trying to run a 5k since October 2011.  We tried again in December.  Amara was not feeling well both times so we had to cancel our race plans.  We always wait until the late registration to sign up becauae you never know right?!?  Well, things worked out this time and we signed up last night.     🙂

About to get Jiggy with it!

I think she was more excited to dress up then actually run.    😉    We had fun picking our out outfits from the Dollar Store.  Knee high socks as a stand in for arm warmers.  Deal!

The race started and about 2 minutes into it she got a side stitch.   😦      But, have no fear — she powered through it.  Her personal goal for each race ( this is her 4th 5k) is to NOT walk.  She met her goal.  She never asks her time either.  ( not sure what that’s about … )       😉     Her best 5k time is 38:33.  She scored an impressive 38:43 today!  Sooo close!!!  Oh well, right?!?!   Yes, oh well.   I am so proud of her to say the least.  She is so determined when she runs.  She is not very talkative, or even that smiley..until she sees a camera! When the camera is gone, she is back to business!

Her next 5k might be in April.  If not, definitely in May.  She has participated in the 5/3 Riverbank 5k for 3 years now, so I guess it’s a tradition.

Oh yea, Andi was there too!  🙂   She had the opposite of a Craptastic 5k today!

This goofball was there too...sad because he's too young to run a 5k. (can ya tell??) 🙂

I asked Amara what her favorite part of the race was and her response was,  ” The whole thing!!”   🙂


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