Spring Fever!

Achoo!!  Oh well, I will take a few sneezes over snow anyday of the week!  Hopefully spring is here to stay!  We have had unseasonable warm weather around here.  The sun is shining, kids are crazy, windows are open and the misquitos are in full force.  Ahhhh, glorious spring!

Last Sunday I felt a bit domestic.  I actually like to cook, but I hate the clean up.  I probably mentioned this before.  I use at least 5 utensils and 5 pots/pans.  It’s a problem.  Well, the weather must have changed my thought process.  While the kids and Matt were playing at the park; I stayed behind to make dinner.

Chicken and Cheese Roll ups 

Roasted Kale

Roasted Broccoli

Italian Garlic Bread

Apple Cake ( 1 box angel food cake, apple pie filling-big can) mix and bake at 350* for 25 minutes.  That’s it.  Easy and good.

Dinner! Don't get used to it..... 😉

Matt  has been taking advantage of me the weather and has had the opportunity to get on the river and fish for Muskie.

This is Mark (Matt's bro) and a big fish.

I have a problem thing with leaving past, present and future spin classes lying around the house.  I jot my classes and ideas down on sticky colorful notes.  The kids have asked what all the spinning hieroglyphics symbols mean.  I try to expalin it the best I can so they can understand it.  The other day Amara made up her very own spin class.  And I thought I was tough!   🙂

I'm thinking this ride might show up in class next week...with a few tweaks!

I don’t think I can blame Spring Fever on this:

No words......

Are you experiencing Spring Fever?


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