*Week in Review*

Week in Review:

As I planned:

Monday- Spin instruction and Totally Toned Instruction  (Yes)

Tuesday- Speed work (No!  day OFF)

Wednesday- Cardio Sculpt, Spin Instruction x2 ( Only 1 Spin was taught.  I ran 1.5 miles after Spin)

Thursday- ?  ( 30 minutes easy elliptical intervals)

Friday- Spin Instruction x2 ( yes)

Saturday or Sunday: Long run ( Saturday 10 miles on the treadmill. + foam rolling twice and stretching and core–WHO.AM.I??? )

Bad news:  During my run on Wednesday I had pain in my shin.  Booo!  That only means one thing for me.  Time to get new shoes.  Too bad shoes cost way too much money!

Good news:  I got new shoes on Friday!  Yes!  Thanks Gazelle Sports!! I tried on a different brand, loved how it felt….but could not bring myself to cheat on my beloved Mizunos!!

New shoe. New sock.

New shoe + new sock= 1 happy runner

Tomorrow might be a day off.  I only say might because I feel great at this moment.  I took Tuesday off and next week is my off week from teaching Cardio Sculpt.  So, I will see how tomorrow goes!

Grab a buddy and do the 24 Day Challenge together!  It’s great to have the support and friendly competition.  Sale ends on the 16th!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!     🙂

Some people post pics of their kids........oh wait, I do that too.....


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