Three Things Thursday

1. Chopped! I love that show! I love all the contest shows on The Food Network. Cupcake Wars, Worst Cooks in America, and Iron Chef America, to name a few!  Matt and I used to watch Chopped all the time together.  I say used to because he now says it makes him too hungry to watch!

2.  I got my hair chopped.  I went to pick up Miles in the FitZone ( he plays there while I teach classes at my gym).  I have had the new hair for over 24 hours.

FitZone Staff:  Miles, your mom is here.

Miles: No, that’s someone elses mom, that looks differnt from my mom.

Me:  Miles!  Come here!

Miles: Oh, that is my mom.  I like your hair.

After teaching class in the early morning and getting home just as Amara was waking up and getting ready for school.

Amara: I was expecting so see you with a messy ponytail and a hat on.

Me: What?!?!  A messy ponytail?!?!

Amara: well, it wasn’t always messy.  I like your hair this way.

Chopped! 😉

3.  The Spring Cleansing Sale is ON!  Head over to my Facebook Page and get it on this great deal! If you need to bust through a plateau, feel energy or trim down- the 24 Day Challenge is a great way to help you do all of those things.  I have been using Advocare for about 3 years now and am thoroughly impressed and happy with the results I get. Not only will you feel and look great during the challenge,but  you will learn great habits along the way to continue to feel great.  My brother in law recently lost 25 lbs while on the challenge.  He continued losing weight after the challenge was over because of his new habits.  🙂  Sale ends March 16th!


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