A Love/Hate Relationship

What on Earth could I love and hate all at the same time?…the foam roller of course!  Foam rolling or self myofascial release is one of those very important aspect to a well rounded workout that is often over looked (I am guilty!).  It focuses on the neural system and the fascial system (tissue that surrounds and separates muscle tissue).  By applying pressure to the bundles of fibrous tissue (or knots), and relaxing through it, it will cause the bundles to begin to dissipate.  It’s important to find that tender spot and sustain pressure on it for a minimum of 20-30 seconds.  I can tell you from experience that it “hurts so good.”  Here are a few stretches for you (notice to intensify the pressure, simply stack your legs on top of one another)…


The foam roller surprisingly is also good for a few exercises…




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