Three Things Thursday

1.  It’s been a long week.  I am one tired girl.  I even had a nap yesterday ( thanks Matt!)  My week is far from over. I taught 3 classes yesterday and did not hold back. I am teaching  2 spin classes tomorrow, and the BIG 18 miler (planned) on Saturday!  Eeeeeek! 🙂

2.  Amara started round 2 of guitar lessons today.  She swears she has gotten better since last session ( which ended last Thursday)  haha


3.  Andi and I ran some tempo miles on Tuesday.  We ran 1 mile and then had a 400 meter recovery.

mile 1– 8:36

mile 2-8:29

mile 3-7:58

I have no idea what my tempo pace should be, but I will take this!   🙂   I was kinda happy with these splits, but won’t get ahead of myself.   These times are only mine.  Miss Andi likes to show off and run in front of me by a few seconds.  Or minutes.   😉   I just joined SmashRun a few weeks ago.  I like it.  Check it out and if you want we can be friends there.

3.5  Shameless plug. I will be having a nice “sale” on some great products soon.  Stay tuned.  Spring is only 20 days away ( can you BELIEVE that?!?!)  You can also “like” my Advocare Facebook page so you will know when the sale begins.




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