Sprints and Hills- A workout

I took my running workout inside today.  I will admit that I looked ahead at the weather forecast, and it had rain/sleet and snow.  No thanks……   🙂

We had hills on schedule for Run Camp Tuesday.  I decided to do some sprints and hills on the treadmill.


Warm up:  1.13 miles total.  I walked .13 and ran for 1 mile at about a 10 minute pace. (6.0 mph)

Sprints:  .25 miles and recover for .25 miles.  Repeat for a total of 3 sprints.  ( 7.3-8.4)

Hills: Incline 4% speed: 6.5-7.5 mph.  hills for 45 seconds.  recover for 1:15.  Repeat for a total for 3 hills.

Cool down: 1 mile  10 minute mile pace.


Make sure to challenge yourself during your sprints and hills.   My incline of 4% is realistic for the hills in the races that I participate in.  If your hills are 10% grade – by all means… take your incline up and my apologies to you.       🙂      More importantly, be safe on the treadmill!  This workout can also be done outdoors.  It would be easier to do it on a track that has measurements…… and a hill that mimics your goal.

Warm up – 1 mile

Work phase 2 miles

Cool down 1 mile

This took me about 41 minutes total.

*please do this workout at your own risk.  Ask a doctor, professional runner, or phone a friend.*   🙂


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