A successful 16 mile run!

Andi and I ran a rather spectacular 16 miler on Sunday. It’s been a while since I said 16 mile run and spectacular in the same sentence. The last time we ran 16 together? Everything that could have gone way wrong; did. It was in late summer -early fall if I remember correctly. Lost running partner ( we blame Trevor), forgotten Garmin, too many hills to count, it was hot, we got lost while running ( normal for us), hip issues for Andi, and breathing issues for me. We were a collective HOT MESS! Naturally, I blocked this out of my mind. And, naturally Andi was there to remind me of this! 😉

I don’t think we even knew we had a great run until it was done. We both went into Sunday kind of not wanting to run 16 miles. We both don’t normally have the same bad attitude at the same time. Or do we?? Who knows, but on this day we would have both rather been sleeping at 5:30 am ( wake up time) instead of prepping for a run.

61 days! I think it's too soon to start the countdown.... 🙂

Garmin Stats

My Garmin stats are not correct going into the last 1 mile or so. I am not sure what happened, but it gave me credit for mile 15 when we were probably only at mile 14.90 or so. I ran a bit over 16 to make sure I actually ran 16. Duh. 🙂

I think this was a confidence booster for both of us during this marathon training. I have not trained for 26.2 since 2009. It was a pretty good year for me (I got quite a few PR’s. Oh, and I qualified for Boston….sigh) and of course it would be pretty damn awesome to do that again, I am not counting on doing it this year. Realistically, I might have to change some things in my life ( as in not teach a butt load of classes – I love my job. 🙂 and actually recover adequately). So until a few things change, I will continue to do my best with training and racing. Here’s to MORE successful long runs!

When was your last SPECTACULAR workout or run?

Glass City Half Marathon 2011 --- We thought we might add another 13.1miles this year....


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