A Craptastic 5K

Today Trevor and I ran a 5k together.  Trev has been wanting to run a race together for awhile and since he rarely runs, a 5k is a good distance for him (he is a natural runner and does really well even without running a lick!!!).  The temps weren’t too bad for a run, but the roads had a thin sheet of ice on them (as always, the day before the race was sunny, beautiful, and roads were clear…ugh!).  I haven’t done a 5k in nearly a year and have been stuck in the slow pace of my long distance runs.  I have been anxious about doing anything with speed.

The start of the race was indoors which meant that my Garmin had no satellite reception…this is not good, I like to know my pace and distance…and remember, I’m very obsessive!  😉  I literally started the race and then stopped for a good 30+ seconds hoping to get my satellite working.  Ha!  Trevor said, “Are you serious?”…You better believe I am!  Eventually, I gave up and just started running again…annoying!  I ran a comfortable(ish) pace and didn’t feel like I wanted to pick it up too much on the slick roads, and I honestly just felt defeated by my slow pace, which was a minute slower than last year…that’s pretty darn significant!  I have been so frustrated with my training for a while.  With the number of classes that I teach five days in a row, (plus keeping up with kids), I never feel like I am recovered.  I’m always worn down before I even start.  I can’t see that changing any time soon either.  😦  I need the pay check, which means I have to teach the classes.  Even scaling back a bit in the classes (which is hard for me) doesn’t seem to help.

Well, enough of the Debbie Downer, it wasn’t all bad today…I got first in my age group.  I’m trying to be happy with that (Marcia called me a bad name, which I can’t repeat, because of my rotten attitude…I deserved it though).  I honestly would rather come in last place and be happy with my time, than come in first and wish I had been faster.  😦  A highlight of the morning however was the kid’s fun run.  4 of our 5 kiddos participated (the girls really wanted Ronald to run the kid’s run too…they were sure he would get first place.  Ha!).  They weren’t very excited about the run the past few days (Hamilton was upset that we didn’t even ask him if he wanted to), but they all did great and had a lot of fun.  The best part for them, of course, was the free food after the run.  🙂

So that’s that.  First 5k of the season is in the books…now back to marathon training (first thing tomorrow morning)!


3 thoughts on “A Craptastic 5K

    • Awww…thanks! I wish we did races as a family more often. The kids complained until they finally did the race and then they LOVED it! We will be doing more for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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