Valentine’s Day

I really thought our Valentine’s Day was going to be like any other day…and I was great with that!  We have a really tight budget, a busy life, and kids…we don’t have time for these silly holiday’s and we are much too practical for that nonsense.  Well, that’s what I thought anyway.  When I went to get my daily dose of “Spark,” I opened the container and was surprised to find a love note neatly folded and placed in the canister.  Trevor, through our years together, has become notorious for sweet, funny letters (last month he went to the trouble of mailing a thank you letter addressed to me from our dog…the kids thought it was hilarious…I may have gotten a laugh or two out of it as well).  I went about my morning racing around trying to get to the gym for a morning run.  When I opened my make-up bag, I discovered yet another sweet letter full of words of love and admiration…so thoughtful.  I later discovered throughout the day that Trevor had planted multiple letters for me to discover (in my ipad case, in my wallet, in the cookie container…a little offended that he assumed I would be in the cookie container today.   Ha!)  Apparently there is one more letter floating out there, but Trev can’t remember where he put it.  Haha!  It’s not easy getting old, is it honey.  😉  Well, so much for going about the day ignoring the holiday.  As if the love letters weren’t enough, when I arrived home for the evening after teaching a class, I was greeted by my children dressed in all black and offering to take my coat and bag.  They proceeded to escort me into the the living room where I found a small table that was set for two, a candle, and a cozy warm fire in the fireplace.  Trevor and I were served heart-shaped homemade pizzas at our fireside table while the kids waited on us.  We finished off our meal by sharing desserts from the bakery at Martha’s Vineyard.  The day that started out being like any other day ended up being filled with little surprises and a number of moments where I was reminded of why I chose the man I did nearly 15 years ago.  Happy Valentines Day!

The yummy pizza

The Wait Staff


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Andi-this is precious. Thanks for sharing. I bet you will find the last little note on a day when you least expect it and really need it! Enjoy that wonderful family!

  2. Thanks a lot Trevor!!! How am I supposed to compete with that? Nice work bro…. chivalry is not done in your household!!! i will take some notes!! 🙂

    • Damion, I’ll photo copy them for you…all you’d have to do is change the names and you could use em’! 😉 Something tells me you can already hold your own in the sweetness department.

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