It’s kinda like swallowing razors……………………..

Or streptococcal better known as strep throat.  Yep, I got it!

I have been down and out with Step Throat of all things!  It was horrible!  I felt a minor sore throat on Saturday afternoon and it slowly got worse.  I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday and she gave me the bad news.  I had no fever or cough or anything else.  She even seemed a bit surprised that I had strep.  I couldn’t really eat anything without pain.  Yes, even the two shakes and fruit smoothie I had went down painfully on Tuesday.  The whole not eating thing is my worst nightmare.  It came true. I can deal with the whole no sleep thing ( I have 2 kids who were once newborns…)   😉

I probably and hopefully “caught” it from Amara.  She has swollen glands and was put on an antibiotic, but tested negative for strep, but you never know.  I just hope nobody else gets it because I now know how awful it is!  I am glad my meds kicked in as soon as they  did.

My last workout was on Monday.  I canceled my Cardio Mix class and found subs for my other two classes ( thanks Andi and Wendi).  I woke up today with no throat pain ( yay!) but with a stuffed up nose and congestion.  What the heck?!?!  Oh well, it feels better then the razor blades.

I wanted to workout this morning, even just walking on the treadmill, but i knew it was probably not the best idea.  I have to teach spin in the morning so I will be fine until then.  Just trying to give my body the time it needs to recover and heal.

Things I had to do while I was sick

Allow Miles to play on the computer, watch cartoons and play his Leapster Explorer for as long as he wanted ( which was a long time)

Eat what I could.  I have not had a shake from a fast food joint in who knows how long…..I had 2 in one day.  My stomach was not happy about that, but my throat was for the 3 minutes the shakes lasted!     🙂

My "breakfast" at 12 noon. My "dinner" was a strawberry shake at 8:30pm. 🙂

Frown a lot.

Take a nap at 6 pm.


* Edited to add.  I worked out!  Yup, Matt and I met at the gym during Amara’s guitar lesson and we worked out against my better judgement.  Actually, come to think of it, I am glad I went against what I said earlier ( as in a few hours earlier….) I just took it easy, learned some new things and still believe I got in a quality 20 minute full body routine.  Score!  For some odd reason, even while sick I almost always feel better while working out.  It’s as if my body forgets that I am sick.  Same thing when I was pregnant. No, there was no forgetting I was pregnant, but I was pretty much nauseous with Miles for 5 months straight. Unless I was working out or eating.   Now that the workout is over my head is full and my nose is running.  Weird, but true.

Here’s to being healthy again ( almost)!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s kinda like swallowing razors……………………..

  1. Oh, hon, that really sucks! I feel for you. I hate being sick but even more when I feel behind and not able to be my “normal” self with my house, kids, exercise, etc… Good for you for getting some!!

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