Saturday’s run and “Virtual Run”

Our run this weekend was a 14 miler.  What a great day for it too!  The weather was pretty mild (30’s) and the sun was shining (although not when you start your run at 6:30am  :-/ ) We had more miles planned than the group we were running with, so we started early with the goal running 7.  We didn’t do too badly, we ended our first leg with about 6.75 miles under our belt.  We put in the last 7.25 miles with our Run Camp group, which joined with an even bigger group of runners for the free Riverbank training run.  The run went really well.  I’ve been dealing with a sick family for the past week and a half (if something hits our family, it will hit us one at a time, so it feels like it drags on forever!).  I didn’t officially get what they got, but instead I had days of nausea, no appetite and exhaustion…not fun!  Saturday was the first day in a week that I finally felt “good”.  Knowing how weak my body was all week, I went in to the run half way expected to bow out after the first half.  I was so happy I felt good and was able to keep going…as I’ve stated before, I like things to go as planned!  🙂

More importantly…

This weekend in particular, I felt like it was important to run;  Marcia and I participated in a “virtual run” to celebrate the life of another runner who was tragically killed last month.  She was out for a run and was abducted and murdered only about a mile from her home in Montana.  Among other things, she was a wife, a mom, a teacher, and a runner.  Her cousin, and author of the blog “shut up + run”, organized a virtual run, complete with race bibs, to honor her memory.  Thanks to the many people spreading the news across various social media, the virtual run spread globally!  Countless runners across the globe ran this weekend to honor the memory of Sherry.  It was very special to be a part of something so powerful.  My family has suffered a very similar tragedy, so it felt pretty personal for me and it was something I knew I needed to support.


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