First Race of the Year

Pre-race picture

We had our first race of the year on Saturday.  13.1 miles seemed like a good way to start off our year of races.  We chose to run the first race in the “Winter Warriors” series of half marathons.  Saturday’s race was called “The Snowman”.  The day before the race was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a good run.  I was feeling really good about the potential of this race.  We decided we would approaching this as a training run, but if we felt good, we would race it…no pressure!  Honestly, given Friday’s weather, I thought it would be nice to see how well we could do at this point in our training.  Then Saturday came…lots of snow, wind, and ice.  Ugh!  We met at 6am to start our hour and a half trek to the middle of the state.  After a couple of detours, we finally made it (so what that I failed to notice “side 2” of the directions Trevor had written out for me…we got to see more of the state this way!  ha!).  Once we got in to Mt. Pleasant, the roads were clear and I thought for a second, this race may not be too bad….Ha!  Within minutes we were out of “town” and in the “country”, where the roads were no longer plowed, we were unprotected by buildings, and the 30 mile an hour wind gusts were hitting us hard.  The icy snow was blowing in our faces making it painful as well as very hard to see.  Our faces were frozen and we were having a hard time finding traction on the icy uneven roads.  What seemed to be a pretty good start of a race, within minutes turned in to a “just finish without injury” type of race.  Along the way, we pick up a few friends…2 college students (MSU and CMU) and a lady from Rockford.  It was great to bond with a group of ladies as we struggled through this miserable race and fun to get to know fellow runners.

…Long story short, we finished strong, grateful to be done, and with the feeling that we had truly earned the title of “Winter Warriors”!  Seriously, we felt like pretty tough cookies after this.  For those that want to know…we stayed together during the entire race and we were about to cross the finish line together, but at the last second a man stopped right in front of me just as I was about to go through the narrow finishing lane.  (Truth be told, I have a vague recollection of Marcia grabbing this man and pulling him in front of me so she could finish .10 seconds before me.  I’m contacting the race director to see the official video footage at the end…I think it was a set up!…she isn’t as innocent as she looks.  😉 ).

Our free sweatshirts...yep, FREE! They ran out of our t-shirt size, so I told them they could make it up to us with free hoodies...and they DID! woohoo!

The front and back our hard earned medals.


7 thoughts on “First Race of the Year

    • Bragging rights for sure! 🙂 We have a long list of “reasons” for a slow time for this race…unfortunately, one reason may be simply because we are SLOW right now. Ha! Thanks for reading the post! Looking forward to writing many more race recaps this year.

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