New to ME finds

I found some new tasty eats this past week.   I am never looking for anything specific either.  I just usually run into items accidental.   First up is Olivio Coconut Butter Spread.  I t was a total impulse buy, but I am glad I gave in.  I love it!  I was not even sure how to use it.  So far, it’s been used on toast (with cinnamon and sugar-Amara learned the “recipe” at school), baked sweet potato, waffles (topped with pumpkin, Biscoff and Agave) and my finger.   🙂


My new favorite spread

Nimble – Next up is the Nimble nutrition bar from Balance.  I had never even heard of these before.  I was in the candy medicine  isle at the dollar store and saw them.  They were 2 $1.  I bought 2 of the Peanut Butter flavor.  I figured it sounded much better than an orange yogurt swirl bar ( yuck).  It is tiny, but for only 120 calories it should be.  It was alright tasting.  It tasted more like a nutrition bar than a candy  or granola type bar.  It’s geared towards women too.  It has 5g of fiber, 10g of protein and is a good source of calcium, iron and other vitamins.  I am not sure how much they retail in a regular store, but for .50 a bar – I would buy them.  It was a nice portable snack between meals ( which is usually after teaching a class for me).  A nice way to feed my muscles and refuel.

Dollar Store find.....


Sveletbrand – this was a funny find.  The package caught my attention!  🙂  They were on sale 2 for $4 at my local grocery store.  They have 15 grams of protein, 35g carbs and 260 calories.  For some of us, this could be a meal replacement drink.  I have only tried the chocolate flavored one ( hello  beautiful) so far.  I wish it tasted better!  It’s not disgusting, but it is actually a bit sweet for me.  Which is weird, because I love sugar.   Like LOVE it.  I think it tastes a bit artificial.  It’s flavored with stevia which I use regularly. It’s also very filling.  So filling that I could not drink the whole thing in one setting!    I am in search of ( Andi might be as well) a quality meal type shake to supplement with.  One or 2 days a week it’s difficult for me to eat lunch based on my activity.  I am in the car a lot and it’s hard to eat salad while driving- I have tried.  It was not easy.  Finding a healthy meal replacement would be awesome.  I hope the vanilla tastes better.  If so, I will run back to the store and get a few more while still on sale.

How could I pass this product up?? 😉

So , there ya have it.  New to ME finds.   Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think?


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