Inside, outside and back inside

What am I talking about?!?! My run this morning. It was a frigid 8 degrees. Andi and I met up at the gym and started our run inside. I ran for 2 miles on the treadmill before meeting with my fellow Run Camp runners. I layered up and ventured outside.  HOLY CRAP!  I may have said something close to that after I felt how cold it  was.  Thank goodness there was little to no wind today. Yipee.   I had 12 miles planned.  

Unfortunately, The White Pine Trail we ran on was not plowed as we had hoped.  DARN!  Soooo, the run pretty much sucked.  I couldn’t even get my heart rate up in Zone 1!  The snow was fresh and not flat, so it was beyond difficult to run through.  I was not bothered by the slow pace.  Really.  I was mostly annoyed that my face was almost frozen.  It was so cold that I didn’t even notice how cold my hands were (until we went back inside).  We ran 5 miles outside and then headed back inside.  Andi and I had the awesome idea to just change our tops and keep on our running tights (note to self: Not such an awesome idea.  These tights are awesome for COLD weather, NOT indoor treadmill runs)  I had to run 5 more miles to get in a total of 12.  I did it, but it was not pretty.  I stopped a lot.  A lot.  I walked a lot some. I was overheating.  The good news is I got my 12 in.   🙂   If next weeks half marathon is anything like today’s run….well, it’s gonna be slow just like today’s training run!   😉

I found the Snowmans Half Marathon map with elevations.  It doesn’t look too bad, but what do I know–I can’t read a map very well.  That’s the 1 thing my dad always told me to learn well.  I have failed him!  Oh well, that’s what Andi is for…actually she might be worse than I am with directions etc.  Ok, maybe not worse, but we are very smart in other areas… 🙂


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