A Little Piece of Life…

Well, the weekend didn’t go as I had hoped.  For those of you who know me, you know that I don’t “roll” with things very well.  😦  I like to have a plan and then I like to follow it!

The plan was as follows…

Saturday morning run with Marcia on the treadmill, then run with the Run Camp (all of this by 9am), then head to the church to host a brunch that a friend and I had been preparing for.

The plan went down as follows…

An early phone call from our oldest son needing our help, a 4 min run on the treadmill, a drive back home to help sort through some of the stuff with our son, and then a missed brunch.

I was able to send the food I had prepared with my friend, but not able to go to the brunch.  Then the heaviness set in…I felt like I had failed Marcia, the Running Camp, my friend, and the ladies at our church.  Ugh!  I know none of those people felt that way, but it’s the pressure that I always put on myself.  Fortunately, my wonderful husband finally told me to go and at least run…for the sake of my sanity (and probably his too…  ha!).  He knows me well and knows that that was just what I needed.  I went to a gym that I don’t normally go to, where I knew I wouldn’t be distracted or interrupted, and I put in my longest ever treadmill run (I hate that contraption!)… 12.5 miles (with warm-up and cool down included).

So things didn’t go as planned in a LOT of ways that day, but I made it through it…and I was somewhat able to adapt.  Maybe I’m growing up…a little.  😉  My week so far is turning out to be a good one.  Here’s the run down of activities…

Monday: 2 spin classes and trx

Tuesday:  trx instruction and running!  5.25 miles speedwork (in the dark and on ice!)

Wednesday:  Spin, trx, & bootcamp

What’s to come…

Thursday:  MY FIRST SWIMMING LESSON! & 2 spin classes

Friday:  Spin, lift, and totally toned

Saturday:  LONG RUN!!!  (I would normally have a spin class after, but I handed it off while I’m marathon training… woohoo!)

How do you decompress when you are stressed and life gets the best of you?  Do your workouts help you “blow off steam”?

How my kids kick back...how can these kids really be MINE!?! Two of my least favorite activities...reading and relaxing. Ha!

On a happier note, we added another niece to the family! Madelyn Mae was born this past Saturday.


2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Life…

  1. It’s funny how the best laid plans can fall by the wayside. I ran 12 miles on the treadmill last weekend, too – I totally feel your pain. At least I was able to do it at a friend’s house while watching a movie. That was my only saving grace. 🙂

    • I know!…thank goodness the dang tv! Seriously, didn’t think I would make it…but I don’t have cable and the gym does, so I got to watch my home improvement shows. 🙂

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