Totally Toned– Butts and Guts emphasis-A workout

Here is a variation of the class I taught yesterday.

You will need at least  pair of weights and a small exertube (optional) 

3-5 minute warm up

1 arm squat and press (10x) (Hold 1 weight in your right hand) + 10 squats

standing side bends ( 1 weight)







*repeat on Left side

Squat pick Ups ( squat down low- place weights on the floor- stand up- a squat down again and pick weights up) repeat for 10

Triceps extensions

Saxon Side Bends *start with 1 weight until your form is perfect.



2 sets of 15 reps ( minimal rest)

Basic Crunch


Double Crunch ( knees to elbows)


Squat Press +10 squats

Standing Side Bends *2 weights*

2 sets of 10

Alternating Lunges ( 1 minute)

Push ups (10)

Stir the Pot (10)

Repeat to complete 2 sets

Repeat abs 2x 15

Pelvic Lift March







Chest Press

2 sets of 10


Small exertube

Lying Leg lifts

1 set of 25 lifts per leg

Repeat abs (2×15)

Low back exercises and stretches.

This workout takes about 45 minutes.



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