Fitness Friday…Core!

3 core exercises…

Plank with thread the needle:  I used 8lb weights in this video (I did these exercises 5x to get the video at least close to the way I wanted it.  3 of those rounds were done with 10lb weights.  It’s still not what I wanted…but I’m too tired to do it again!).  You can also do these without weights.  It’s a basic plank with one arm reaching under to the opposite side and then pulling through to a high reach and slight twist of the hips.  Try to make sure that your wrists are lined up with your shoulders and that your body makes a straight line (hips not dropped OR raised too high).  Draw the navel in toward the spine and engage your glutes.

Stir the pot:  Plank with forearms on the ball (my ball was a little flat.  Ha!).  Engage your entire core (including glutes) and slowly roll your arms and hands in a circle motion.  Shoot for 10 slow circles one direction and 10 slow circles the other.  Again, body is straight as an arrow, navel is drawn in, and glutes engaged.  For a little more difficulty you can keep your feet together or lift one leg off of the ground and switch legs halfway through.

Weighted sit-up with dumbbell:  Lie flat on your back with legs straight and dumbbell over head.  Draw the navel in and in one fluid motion sit up, bring weight to chest, reach up high, then return to the start position.  Keep the core in tight and roll up on the spine and roll back down.


5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday…Core!

    • sorry i am just now responding to this, i have been without internet for days now! We didn’t do this in friday’s class, but i’m sure we will do it at some point. it was a small class friday…we could’ve handled your kids. 🙂

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