Weekend Long(short) run…….

Friday: 2 spin classes! First up was at 5:30 am. If my memory is correct, it a strength interval. I think. All those spins this week are kinda a blur. I stretched for about 10 minutes after class. 10am class came fast. I was pretty much exhausted by this time. But, as it always seems…my class motivates ME!! I had a few open bikes, but many were occupied by my friends ( and fellow group exercise instructors). I think that always puts a bit more pep in my step pedals! I did a long interval class, with lots of options. Kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure thing. A lot of people appreciate when they are given choose, while others don’t really care for it.
Saturday: I over slept in!! I was whooped! I normally start my Saturday long runs at 8am, but I still get up around 6 am or so to eat, digest and (cough cough) do my business to leave by 7:40 amd hit the pavement by 8am. Not so much on this day. For one thing, Andi was out of town on business. She likes to take pictures of pretty things and is quite good at it *side-note: That is how we first met..she took pictures of Amara turning 2! * So anyway, I had good intentions of still meeting with my running group, but I woke up before the alarm went off, and turned it off. I thought I would sleep for another 15 minutes of so and then roll out. Well, that 15 minutes turned into 2 hours and 15 minutes. I am sure I could have slept even longer. I was determined to get out and run though….well fast forward about 5 hours later. I entered the gym all ready to run on the treadmill ( it was cold and windy out…haha). I had a heart rate run planned, and I made it for 2 miles on the treadmill. I left the tread and hit the track running. I tried to keep my HR in gear, but sometimes it’s hard with an audience. For real. My 1 mile time should have been in the high 9’s, but I cranked out a 8:40. No vocal cord issues either. After that I headed for the elliptical for about 3 miles within my HR parameters. It was not the 10+ miles I had on my radar, but hey. What can I say..I kinda missed my running partner. Don’t tell her I said that..she might get a bigger head. 😉 After the run I lifted. I KNOW! Who am I??? It was short and sweet:

3 pull ups (I’m getting up to my 5 again..I hope!)
TRX squats (10)
Lunges (10/leg)
Add on…….

8 minutes! 😉

Burpee Chain Row for 8 minutes!! Finally!
I completed close to 5 full sets in the 8 minutes. It was hard. I did it though.
Stretch for about 10 minutes.
Sunday: OFF I contemplated just going to the gym and walking on the treadmill on an incline while watching TV, but skipped out. Probably for the best.
Monday: Spin, Totally Toned
Tuesday: Run, Lift, Cardio Sculpt
Wednesday: Cardio Sculpt, Spin, Totally Toned
Thursday: Off, but possibly run or elliptical
Friday: Spin and Lift
Saturday: Long run

Let’s see how close I stick to this!


Marathon/25k training officially starts this weekend! 🙂 Time to get serious about training. When thinking back to my best running year EVER ( 3 seasons ago?) I noticed I was doing Pilates 2 times a week. I almost never missed that 5:30 am class on Wednesday. Well, I can try that again, only I can only take it on the Wednesday’s I am not teaching Cardio Sculpt in the morning. I want to be realistic. I will do my best to take this class on the weeks I teach I will TRY very hard to do Pilates or yoga on my own.
In unrelated news. I saw on Facebook ( where else) that Justin Timberlake is engaged. The good news is it’s to Jessica Beil. She seems normal and not an airhead. Oh, and she has muscles! 😉 I decided to mourn celebrate by cuing up his hits from Spotify. Unfortunately song # 2 was Dic* in a Box. It’s unfortunate because my kids were in earshot and I wanted to hear it. That song cracks me up.


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