Lonely Run…

So Marcia and I were separated this weekend… and Saturday is our day to log more running miles.  I was in the Detroit area to photograph a wedding (I’m a wedding photographer on the side) and we were left to run on our own.  Honestly, I was dreading it all week.  I think the longest I have run all by my lonesome was 10 miles (and I’m pretty sure that was a fluke).  It was beautiful in Detroit (SO unlike a January day in Michigan), and I completely underestimated my clothing…I froze!  Before and during the run I was really paranoid about getting lost and being late for pictures.  I lasted 4 miles (at a faster pace and my heart rate was surprisingly nice and low!).  I ended up back at the hotel fitness room (where I was fairly certain I no longer had to worry about getting lost… but you never know!) for another 2 miles and called it good.  Grand total…6 miles.  Honestly, I was pretty disappointed.  I missed Marcia. 😦 From the report I got from her, we sort of suck without each other (insert Kelly Clarkson song here. Ha!).  Neither of us got many miles in.  I’m sure if we had to put in the miles without each other, we would find a way to suck it up… but I hope it never comes to that.  Ha!  🙂 I guess there is something to be said about the benefit of having a workout buddy.  It’s nice to not be alone in my fitness endeavors. I’m tired from the weekend and have a long week ahead of me.  It will look a little something like this…

Monday: 2 spin classes and my own trx workout (I’ll try to post a trx workout soon)
Tuesday: run and teach a trx class
Wednesday: 2 spin classes and a boot camp + my own trx or lifting
Thursday: 2 spin classes
Friday: 1 spin class and strength training class + my trx workout
Saturday: LONG RUN!!! (then I am in charge of a brunch at my church…yikes!)
Every day this week…editing LOTS of wedding pictures!

By the way, Runner stayed with a friend of ours while we were gone and it was reported that she ate an oven mitt, a pair of reading glasses, a barrette, and a few licks of multiple adult beverages. Dang dog!


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