Who needs a drink?!?… this girl!

I’m sure the last few days haven’t been nearly as bad as I’m remembering them right now.  I mean, I am fully aware that many people have it way worse than I do and that I really do need a little (who am I kidding, “a lot of”) perspective, but…I’m not good with perspective.  Take today for instance… my afternoon was one big waste of time and money and I got all worked up about it.  I am pretty concerned with time and I don’t like to waste it.  And I’m even more concerned with money!  The day actually started pleasantly enough.  I had a nice run this morning, and then I gathered the girls (our twins Lila and Callia) from the gym day care and took off for a doctor appointment.  Of course, this supposedly really important appointment (which has caused me just a tad bit of stress over the past month or so) had to be scheduled during one of my classes, so I had to get a sub for my noon spin class… which means a smaller paycheck.  And God only knows how that class went… Marcia taught it!  😉  (Thanks again Marcia.)  The office requested that I come in 15 minutes early (apparently so I could sit longer which I might add is a LOT of fun to do w/ 5 year olds…  Ha!).  Then I filled out a bunch of paper work and answered all of their questions, then was called back by a nurse to pretty much answer all of the questions AGAIN.  We had a nice long wait for the Dr. and just seconds before he walked into the room, Lila announces that she has to go to the bathroom and CAN’T wait.  So as the Dr is walking in the room, we are walking out (me now in an open back gown…awesome).  He says he will come back in a minute.  Well he gave us a good 15+ mins for my tiny-bladdered girl to go to the bathroom… she’s 5!  she took 90sec.  So we waited AGAIN.  By the time the Dr got around to seeing us again, guess who had to go to the bathroom… twin #2… seriously?!  Icing on the cake.  The Dr comes in and asks why he is seeing me today.  “Gee, let me just go over everything I just wrote down on the papers you have in your chart and repeat everything I just finished telling your nurse!!!  Dude, take a minute to ready the dang chart!”  So I went over everything (all while trying to talk over the girls voices asking “when can we go?” and “this is taking a long time” …)  I ended up with no answers from the Dr, a big bill (he was a specialist…oh, he was “special” alright), no paycheck from my spin class, no food after my run (did I mention how long this was all taking?), and 2 grumpy girls.  Ugh!  I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the day (they involved a spin class, a personal training client bailing on me, no supper, and a church service).  BUT, I will share what placed the final nail in my coffin… my sweet 8mo old golden retriever Runner destroyed one of the girls tap shoes.  UGH!!!  Tomorrow is a new day…and it starts with a 4:45am alarm and a 6am spin class!  😉

The face of evil


2 thoughts on “Who needs a drink?!?… this girl!

    • Thanks, today is going much smoother. btw…don’t be fooled by the sweet innocent looking pup, her mission this week has been to destroy and so far it’s been “mission accomplished”! haha!

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