Happy New Year!

So, I’m a little late! I am not one to conform though….. 😉  How did I spend New Year’s Eve?  On my couch watching a movie and drinking 2 flutes (actually a standard glass) of champagne.  I looove champagne and would drink it everyday if I could hang.  After my buzz wore off; I tried to entertain our 7 year old -she woke up at 12:10 am due to the celebratory fireworks.  That was fun.  She gets slap happy ( fast forward to last night–Matt caught her in bed dancing as she repeated ” there’s a party over here….”)  when she is tired.

I had a great weekend.  My oldest brother was in town.

Matt, Allen, Miles, me, Amara, Damion, my dad, William and Lindsay- My family! ❤

Miles, William and Amara:


He and my nephew William drove from Tennessee to visit for a few days.  It was a short but very fun visit.  We went to an ice hockey game.  It was surprisingly quite FUN!  Who knew?!?!  I always say that I would rather be at a sporting event rather than watch on the couch!  I think the company made it fun.  Matt, my 2 brothers, a fiancée and about 10 other people were in the group.  Hockey fans are crazy!

Fun times...even though the home team LOST at the very end.

Saturday – long run.  I think it was 11 miles?  It was so long ago, as if I remember.

Sunday – We went to the movies and saw Happy Feet 2.  *side-note*  Andi is not a fan of penguins and penguin movies apparently.  I was going to invite her, but remembered this strange interesting factoid about her.  Her poor kids were left out.   😦       😉   I liked the movie.  I won’t admit to crying when the little penguin found his voice and sang his little penguin heart out.  Erik’s Opera :

Now that I listen again, my ears are bleeding.  BUT, in the context of what was going on…it was very touching….really.  Don’t judge.

Amara almost shed a tear too…it was very cute.  She’s my little sensitive soul.  Matt’s favorite parts ( this is just a guess)  were with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.  They played Krill ( I guess it’s like shrimp).  They were entertaining.

In other news, Andi may or may not have coerced me into registering for another marathon.  April 22, we will be at the front back of the pack for another go at 26.2  Andi and I both ran the Glass City half marathon last year.  It was cold.  That’s about all I remember.    She told me I had fun.  She wouldn’t lie to me.  I hope not…..  ready or not Glass City–here.we.come.   🙂

At least our outfits looked cool.....

Monday– First Day of the year!  Spin!  I did a speed interval class.  There were a few husbands in class that usually don’t come to spin…Matt was one of them!

Totally Toned at noon.  I will post this workout tomorrow…….   This 45 minute class has a Butt and Gut emphasis….

Tuesday– Treadmill run.  Just about 6.5 miles in total.  It was fun!  I had to get my heart rate up to 168-178 for 60 seconds (9x).  I did not have ANY breathing issues.  Nice.

Cardio Sculpt at 4:15pm.  I am sore from  whatever we did in this class.  OR maybe it was from Monday’s class……

Wednesday–  Muscle and Movement at 6am and Spin at 10.  Strength intervals.  23 minutes of  climbing this morning.  Totally Toned at noon.  Tripled up on teaching classes today….ouch!

And that was my week! I just realized that I taught a lot this week.  I only have 3 more spin classes to teach!  🙂  I have done 0 strength exercises on my own.  I know I still need to get in 8 minutes of my Burpee Chain Row this week.  Tomorrow or Friday…or Saturday.  Maybe.

How has the New Year been treating you so far?

How do you like the blog renovations?  You know I had nothing to do with it.  Andi likes to come in and take over-bout time!    🙂


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