Andi joins the blog!

For those of you who may be confused by this entry, I am Andi, Marcia’s partner-in-crime.  She has asked me to join her blog and, for better or worse, here I am!  You may have heard Marcia make mention of me in the past … I believe I have been referred to as a “distraction” (I’m sure that Marcia meant this in the best way possible),  “crazy” (because I am a bit anal about my workouts and, in particular, I insist on ending my runs on an exact number of miles), her “running bff”, the “type A” obsessive one (again, in the most positive connotation, I’m sure), etc.  Well, apparently she believes that I may have some good blogging material.  Bare with me …

Let me give you a brief run down of who I am … I am a mother of 5 crazy kids.  Yep, you read that right … 5!  And they are CRAZY!  (Although not quite Miles and Amara crazy).  I have 3 boys and 2 girls (identical twins and double trouble).  My husband and I have been married for nearly 15 years.  We tried for a little over 4 years to get pregnant and were told that I was infertile.  People tell me how they prayed and prayed that I would have children.  I kindly tell them THEY CAN STOP NOW!  I am a fitness instructor (spinning, trx, boot camp, and a full body strength class) as well as a personal trainer at a couple of gyms.  I love to run (after years of fully believing that runners were obviously on some sort of crack), I love to ride, and someday I hope to love to swim.  🙂  I grew up playing basketball & softball and went on to play some basketball and tennis in college.  I am incredibly energetic and high-strung.  I love my family and I love my job (both are incredibly challenging, but rewarding all at the same time!).  I’m excited to join the blog and to be able to share some of my adventures as a mom, wife, and fitness professional.   I’m looking forward to writing future posts as well as getting to know some of Marcia’s faithful followers.  Thanks for letting me share my journey.

The fam! (oldest to youngest…Trevor, Me, Ronald, Hamilton, Joachim, Lila, Callia, and our dog Runner) 





8 thoughts on “Andi joins the blog!

  1. welcome…mpg always has wonderful fit/lifestyle tips…looking forward to yours as well…are those socks in.or something..not to sound sexist..but you two look like two wannabee cheerleaders.who didn’t make the cut…lol

      • Even in blog world where all my friends are “imaginary” (since we haven’t met) we keep each other in line. Marcia is great at keeping me in line online!! Do you have your own blog?? I haven’t been able to click on anything? Or are you two joining forces??

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