I hope everyone had a great holiday!!  I know I did.  It has been a very busy time around here.  A quick recap in no particular order.

-Last week my family and I were able to sit in at a sort of private concert.  The performers were Andrew Ripp and Randy Coleman.  It was beyond amazing.  We are long time fans of Andrew Ripp and he was just as awesome as usual.  Randy Coleman is new to us and WOW!  What a great voice!      Matt and I are lucky to be able to share this stuff with the kids.  We both love music ( all kinds) and we love to see the kids get into it as well.  This was a late night for us all..especially me!  I had to teach spin at 5:30 the next morning…it’s a good thing I was able to get 3 hours of sleep.  It was worth it though!  Both kids slept in…Miles until 9:30am and Amara until 10:30am!  Naturally, I did not go back to bed when I got home at 7 am.  If I had, the kids would have not slept as late..that’s just how it goes.

– I had my first Dr. appointment for my vocal cords.  The doc I saw is a chiropractor.  I received my first adjustment.  It was loud!  Turns out I have some issue with my shoulders, upper back and neck muscles.  Who knew?!?  Well doc is baffled by my ailments, but he still gave it a try.  I have not had any issues since seeing him twice.  Let’s hope the adjustments worked….   🙂  I will probably see him once more and then wait for another incident!  I am hoping I won’t have one though..that would be awesome.

– Oh, I was featured in a magazine.   🙂   Women’s Running Magazine to be exact!  The January issue!  It’s pretty crazy to see yourself in a magazine.  Not to mention pretty damn cool!  Amara thinks I am totally famous now.  Haha!

– Christmas was fun.  Amara got a guitar.  I hope we can get her lessons soon…she thinks she is playing actual songs.  She is not.  Believe me!  I like her consistency though..mostly!  She “played” for quite a while yesterday.  Oy!  Miles received plenty as well.  Mostly cars. Give that kid a Hot Wheelz and he is a happy camper.

– I have not gotten in any real quality running this week.  Due to Christmas and all that..   😉   But, I did have a much-needed 3 day hiatus from any exercise.  It’s been a while since I took that many days off in a row.   I can say that when I exercised on Tuesday (1st day back) I was like a crazed animal!  I had so much energy.  I did again yesterday and again today.  I teach 4 spins this week;  Tuesday –  Friday.

-I consumed my weight in cookies and wine during my break. Oops.  It was good!

-My brother and nephew are here!  This is my first time meeting my 2 year old nephew ( sad, I know…) so this is so great.  Unfortunately he has pinkeye!  I hope my kids ( or myself) don’t get it,  but we are not letting this opportunity get away….

– Did I mention that I was featured in a magazine?!?!  Oh, right..I already did.

Me!  :-)



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