7 minutes in Heaven…A workout

I did not really go into the gym with a plan…..but that’s ok sometimes!

Elliptical– 25 minutes ( time includes the 5 minute warm up) It was a varying interval with an average HR of 152.

Weight Circuit– 3×10 with 30 seconds rest between sets.  This took me 5:30 to do.
Squat Press
Plank Heel Touch
Push Ups

Plank Heel Touch-- my HR got into the 160's!

Stair Stepper– 10 minutes total.  Varying speed.  ( I don’t like this machine at all, so I usually do it when I have nothing planned…variety!)

7 minutes in Heaven…or was it HELL???? 😉
Burpee Chain Row for 7 minutes. I forget how many rounds I did. I think it was 4.  I yelled a lot.  It helped.

7 minutes!!! 🙂


Incline Walk 10 minutes – varying incline ( up to 10%) and speed ( up to 4.2)

So it was kind of a  mish mash of sorts, but it kept me moving and it went by quickly!


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