Run, Spin, Run + 6 minutes of the Burpee Chain Row.

Saturday–  Long run of just about 11 miles.  The plan was to run for a total of 141 minutes that includes 10 minutes of warming up and cooling down.  My initial goal was to run with a HR of 158-163.  Well, that did not happen.  I am OK with that.  let me tell you why.  I took all of last week as a kind of step-back week.  Because of my job and neurotic behavior   I am unable to rest for a whole week.  Besides that fact that I would probably drive myself off a cliff crazy– I just figured I would take a lid back approach with my running and spinning and ellipticalling.  ( it’s a word).  With that being said, I kept a running HR average of 149.  That is crazy.  Crazy because I still kept a 9:54 pace.  That’s not super fast or anything, but I totally figured it would be well in the 10 minute range.  Nope.

Sunday- OFF

Monday-  Spin at 10.  Strength interval today.  I think we climbed for a total of 30 minutes.

Tuesday- Treadmill run – HR goal of 148-158.  Let me tell you how difficult it was to keep it here for 54 minutes.  It was HARD.  I managed though…I averaged 155. 🙂

After that I did some 3 sets of Lat pull down and some rotator cuff exercises before I took on the Burpee Chain Row again.

6 minutes! Felt like 60 minutes... 🙂

I cranked out 6 minute today.  Working my way up to 10!  I find that counting out loud ( loudly) and grunting, really helps me get through this torture.  It really does.  I made it though 3 sets of 10 this time (click for more explanation on this exercise).

After this self torture..the kids and I ran around the track.  Amara made it .5 miles while Miles and I did a sprint, run, jog walk tpe of thing for a bit less distance.  You try running with a 4 year old that thinks everything is a race. 😉  It was fun.  Amara wants to keep on doing this during her school break.  She is very desperate to run a 5k this winter with me.  She says that if she wants to be a real runner she might as well get used to running through all the seasons.  She’s 7.  It took me29 years to figure this out!

Just for fun, I posted 1 of my favorite pictures of Miles on Facebook.

Miles at 5 days old....

People thought I just had a baby!  4 years ago people!! 😉

We can’t leave Amara out!

Amara -7 months

Just a quick trip down memory lane!

Have you tried the Burpee Chain Row yet??


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