9 tips—Stuff you probably already know about fat loss…

1. Cut down on grains- complex carbs are great but in moderation.  Eat more vegetables and low sugar fruits such as grapefruit and apples.

2. Eat smaller meals more often throughout the day.  This speeds up metabolism and helps take fat off your tummy.

3.  Do NOT skip meals.  This can lead to you being super hungry which can lead you to eating more.  Make sure you are eating enough and your meals and snacks are well-balanced.

4.  Up your game!  Keeping yourself active throughout the day can help you from storing fat.  Cardiovascular training for fat loss is a must.

5.  Resistance training is a must.  Weight training builds muscle.  Muscle burns body fat.  The result?  Lean mean fat burning machine.  Lift heavy ladies–don’t be scuuured!   🙂


6.  Change up the exercises.  Constantly changing the exercises you do can help you avoid plateaus.

7.  Make cardiovascular exercise a part of your routine.  In conjunction with a consistently clean diet- you will see fat loss faster then with just dieting without the cardio.

8.  Do abs 3 times a week.

9.  Stay positive and happy!  Stress can make fat loss so much more difficult.  When your cortisol levels spike- so does your fat!

10.  ?  What fat loss tip works for you??  

I can say that I need the most work with tip # 8–I guess.  While I don’t do direct ab work ( crunches etc) 3x a week.  I do incorporate core work daily.

Do you agree with these tips?

Which ones do you do and which tips do you feel you need to work on? 

* tips are my own and I had some help from FITNESS Rx- Dec. 2011 issue.


9 thoughts on “9 tips—Stuff you probably already know about fat loss…

    • If you have fat around your stomach and you build muscle underneath without burning off the fat it will appear bigger. Do the 9 tips offered, as well as working your abs…and your waist should appear smaller. 🙂

  1. I agree with the tips but would also recommend drinking plenty of water. And I personally think planks are the best exercise for elimating belly fat especially after having a baby. I do a 30 second plank two times a time in addition to my other routines. Finally, I think that more women should focus on intervals over traditional cardio – works amazing.

      • I use to listen to more people..some knew nothing about fitness..when i do crunches..i feel like my spine is more erect..everything starts to sag when you get older…the more you can keep the weight off the less yu sag..i really miss running..i mean really running..these little 2/3 miles i do naw..anyway thanks for the tips..mpg

  2. Your tips are all great and you know I agree with them. I would have to add find the healthy meals and exercises that you can do consistently because consistency = progress. Too funny because I actually JUST shot a vlog about this. : )

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