Quick recap!

Being without an internet connection stinks! We switched providers, so I had to do without for 5+ days. It was horrible!!!!
So instead of a full recap of what ya missed because I forgot I will summerize it quickly.

4 spin classes- a little of this and some of that.

1 M n M class- movement was jumping jacks and jump rope.  Muslce was a butt load of squats and jump lunges.  People actually said they liked it.   😉

1 funky hip. It involves a very annoying sharp pain at times…

Tread mill runs- over 15 miles worth including a 10 mile+ interval run on Saturday.

5 minutes worth of this:  Burpee Chain Row.  My goal is 10 minutes.  But first I must conquer 6 minutes.

Burpee Chain Row- Oxygen Magazine

Perform a burpee.  Perform a row. Perform a burpee.  Perform 2 rows.  Continue until you are up to 10 rows in a row…. and then start back at 1.  I made it to 10 twice and for my third set I think I got to 4 or 5.  I stopped at 5 minutes.  It was hard.  I can’t imagine getting  up to 10 minutes, but I will!!

Core workouts – 1

Hot yoga sessions- 1!  Last Friday.  It was great!!!!

Dates- 1.  Twisted Rooster.  Never disappoints.  EVER!

Christmas Trees- yup , we got one.

Christmas shopping done- nope.

Kid in pajamas today at school- yes, Amara.  Along with 2 books, her pillow pet, her stuffed bear, her robe and a blanket.  She looks like a bag lady. 🙂

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