Redemption is MINE!!

Well I posted yesterday about my mistake while doing my workout.  It was not a huge deal, but it kinda was.  I went to the gym today to try to redeem myself.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to pull off that high of a heart rate consistently for 51 minutes.   I took the treadmill workout in chunks.  I took a – mile at a time approach.  I even told myself that if after each mile was completed I wanted to stop, then that would be ok.  I think I am growing up.   πŸ™‚  I ended up running about 5.5 miles or so.  My goal was to keep my HR in the range of 163-168.  The outcome?  I averaged 164!   πŸ™‚   Yes, I was a bit happy about this small feat.  Towards the end I could feel my vocal cord issues try to ruin the party, but basically pushed on and told it to leave me the hell alone.   πŸ˜‰   I gave it a bit of my evil eye as well.  That usually speaks volumes( just ask Matt my kids).  Even though I was not breaking any records by any stretch of the imagination; it has been a while since I pushed myself ( even though it was on the treadmill) for this amount of time.  It gives me a bit of hope!  I won’t even tell you that I peeked ahead at a future workout and I am to sustain this same heart rate for aver 1.5 hours.  Holy crap.     πŸ™‚

For the Andi’s nerds interested in the breakdown ( I actually used the lap function for the miles) here it is.  Notice the decline in my pace….might be due to fatigue and or hydration and who knows what else!

Mile 1 -8:50 ( I know..who am I??)

Mile 2-8:58

Mile 3– 9:30

Mile 4– 9:35

Mile 5– 10:05

.5 – 4:04

I know I don’t look all that happy here…but I am tired!

Post (redemption) run GLOW! πŸ™‚

When was your last great workout?


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