Mid week update……

Mom-   So today Amara usually has a quiz at school.  It’s called a Reading Counts Quiz.   She basically has 1 week to finish and book and then takes a test on it.  She has gotten 100% on all of her quizzes and always looks forward to Wednesday.  You accumulate points so you can cash them in for a prize.  Well, today’s test was canceled for whatever reason and Miss Amara had to physically remove herself from class to “not lose it” —her words.  Girl loves her quizzes!    🙂      Miles got a mohawk!  I think it’s his 3rd one, but it cracks me up every time.  He has been into Wild Kratts lately.  After the show he likes to get online and play the Wild Kratts games.   It’s a pretty cool cartoon/show.  You learn about animals.  I like that.  I have been sucked into pinterest.  It’s a time suck.  But, I am happy to say, Amara and Iactually made a craft this past weekend. It was a way to get her creative juices flowing this past weekend when we were bored out of our minds.  Ok, so maybe it was just me.  I would show you the link, but the site is slow due to too many people trying to get on!

I ❤ quizzes!

Wife- Let’s see….well our date this week has consisted of  Christmas shopping!  I know!  This early?!?!  Ha.  We are definitely not done buying for the kids or family and whoever else deserves a gift…but we will get there!

Fitness-  Saturday~ Long run day. It was cold outside. Oh, and it was raining. Not sprinkling either. Somehow I still had a great run. Imagine that…. After a 5 minute “warm-up up” the real run began. So far since I started my HR base training my long runs have been in my zone 2 range. I have not had much difficulty keeping in check either. Andi and I had to keep it in Zone 1 for 1:48 minutes and follow that up with a 5 minute cool down. I think we walked twice– our running route was all down hill–until we turned around! There was really only 1 ginormous hill that caused us to walk. I think I would have walked even if I was not heart rate training….For real!  It’s one of those annoying gradual incline types of hills.   It was just under 10:30 minute miles for 10.32 miles.   I thought I was getting a tiny bit faster?  I will blame the elements this time!     😉      The rain never did let up.  At times I was very cold and then the next minute I was wanting to run in just my T-shirt!  Needless to say, by the end of the run; my hands were frozen into claw form!  Thank goodness my fellow running club members were available to help me.  Thanks to Diane for unzipping my windbreaker and a special thanks to Andi for A) starting my truck for me and B), for moving it to another location in the parking lot while I changed!!!   This would have been the best prank if I actually had remembered my original parking space…….  (Dude, Where’s My Car?? ) story of my life.     🙂  All in all it was a decent run.  Sunday-  40 minutes of active recovery.  Elliptical + 1 mile treadmill run.  Monday-  Spin at 10am.  Heart rate intervals with an average of 159 for my heart rate.  It went well!   🙂    Tuesday–  Booo!  I was all ready to get my treadmill steady state-run on. My goal was a heart rate range of 163-168.  Too bad I forgot and did the wrong parameters.  Regardless, I kept a 160 average for 51 minutes.  I was proud of myself until I went home to record my results….my goal was supposed to be 163-168.   Goooo!  I was slightly off.  I did a few sets of core exercises after the run.   Wednesday– Muscle and Movement (MnM)at 6am.  It was mostly Muscle today.  There was not as much Movement as I usually do, but the Muscle components were enough to keep the heart rate up.  We did a lot of these:  Body builders:      and lots of shoulders.  It was fun!  Spin at 10am– Endurance day.  Nice and simple format.  I felt like I talked a lot during class today…..  not a bad thing, but sometimes it just seems weird.  Today, I got that feeling for sure.  Blah, blah, blah!

Life-  Since my 15 minutes of fame last week..   😉  I felt the motivation and want to do something about this vocal cord fiasco.  I finally called the doctor that might be able to help me.  Again, I am not certain why I have procrastinated this long, but I did.  I will see him on the 22nd.  I have a coupon to use too…to the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse!  My Groupon is about to expire!  I cannot let that happen….


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