A new month…..

Mom- Christmas shopping!  We really need to figure out a better system.  Really.  If I am kid-less at the time; that is when I buy a few things from now until Dec. 23rd.  Yep, that’s how we do things…down to the wire.  Dangerous.  That’s us.   I found a few items last night after training a client, but the kids were still up when I got home so I had to shove the goods in my purse and hope they did not hear the plastic bags making too much noise.  I win.  They were none the wiser.

Wife-  Matt and I are on Day 2 of the cleanse….fun times.  We now do this every 90 days for the most part.  I am happy to say since the last cleanse we have not fallen too far off the wagon!  Score!   We both noticed that the biggest change is mindless snacking.  Our meals are the same, just less snacks.  Well, not less –just different choices.  It’s all good.  Good news for Matt…he is running with less pain.  Not totally pain-free (yet) , but he is on the way.  He has been getting ART ( Active Release Technique) twice a month or so and has seen a dramatic improvement.  I am not sure he will be  doing anything longer than a 5k ( maybe if I ask nice enough?!), but I think his 5k’s will feel a lot better this year.  If you are in the Grand Rapids area ( or not…come here..this Dr. is awesome) http://www.trainoutpain.com/   He is also the reason Andi was able to complete her first marathon!

Fitness- It’s only been 2 days since I last updated…so let’s see.  On Wednesday I taught a race day spin class….. high energy the whole class.  High HR the whole class as well…My average was well into the 160’s. That seems high, but my base training ( something I should be able to sustain for a few hours at a time) is 158-163.  That was all I did that day…..   Thursday.  I had a HR workout scheduled for today, but after the first 5 minutes ( warm up) I decided to do my own thing.  I did about 20 minutes total on the Arc Trainer and then moved on to some weights.


Ball Lunges ( body weight) *see picture below

Ball Pull overs

Biceps Curls

Push Ups

I ran 1 mile on the treadmill ( 9:45) and walked 1/2 a mile.

I took about a 2 hour break…haha,  I completed the rest of  my workout at home.

Circuit Style  3×10

1 leg pelvic lift


hip circles + leg lifts

plank hold 30 seconds

I tacked on 1 set of 1 leg dead lifts

I went in today not really wanting to do anything, so I am glad I stayed and did something and them some later on!

Life- I was the featured on Another Mother Runner Today!  So cool!!  I am truly honored!!!!!   If you have not read the book yet – you should.  I laughed out loud a lot!  Besides that…I got nothing going on!      😉   I can’t believe it’s December already………  If you are looking for a fun marathon, half or 10k…..look into The Bayshore Marathon.  Hopefully if it’s still open!  Today was “opening” day and people are all frantic trying to sign up!  I was hoping this would be my spring marathon next year, but well, it won’t be!  ( I just looked, the half is CLOSED!)  I did the 10k— 2 years ago, and it was fun…..  I am working on picking out races on my radar for 2012.  I have about 15 in my sights…time to widdle it down or win the lottery!   🙂


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