Mid -week update + a treadmill interval workout

Sunday – OFF.
Monday– 10 am spin—  I can’t remember what I did though..something awesome most likely. ; -)
Tuesday– About a 5.5 mile run. Intervals on the treadmill following specific HR parameters. It went by so quickly! My intervals were 5 minutes long with  minute 5 getting my HR up into my zone 3 ( 163-168 bpm). It wasn’t so bad. 🙂 Glad it’s over, but it went really well. I know it’s only been 3 ish weeks since I have been heart rate training, but I think ( hope) it’s working!  I guess being consistent helps (duh).   Here is how my workout went:

5 minute warm up

2 minutes of easy running ( not too difficult to hold a conversation)

2 minutes of more difficult running ( choppy sentences with more labored breathing)

1 minute push or sprinting ( little to no talking, very difficult..not all out though)

Repeat this 9 times for 45 minutes of work ( not including warm up)

then add on

2  minutes of easy running

1 minute of more difficult running

5 minute cool down

workout lasts 58 minutes.

use the incline and speed to help meet your perceived exertion or heart rate goals

have fun!

Wednesday–  Spin at 10 am.  Another interval, but it was thisclose to being a race day.  The recoveries were only 15-30 seconds long with a big 60 second recovery 22 minutes into class.  Whew.  It was my pre turkey and pie workout.  It was a gift for them..I hope they are thankful!  Unfortunately, I have not weight trained at all this week.  Bummer.  I am not all broken up about it though.  It’s been a hectic week so I have to let something go or I would go all crazy up in here.

These are getting kind of dusty.......

Amara is home today for the rest of the week.  So far, so good.  She is into using the computer to type up her stories.  So, I have to get going, because it will take her a little while. ..peace out!


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