BMI for kids and Late nights with vampires and werewolves

mom- Miles finally had his 4 year check up. On the day that we went he was 4.1 years old, 41 pounds and 41 inches tall.  If I gambled I am sure I would have made at leat  41 cents that day…..   😉  Our pediatrician also informed us that Miles is basically overweight and/or obese!  As if….the kid is a healthy solid mass!  Miles’ BMI is should not be over 76 or something like that.  I will admit, my jaw was almost on the floor when he mentioned that we should start ( START?!??!) paying attention to what he eats and how much blah blah blah.  Come on doctor.  Do you NOT know how Matt and I do this parenting thing?!??!  Ugh.  We love to plop Miles down in front of the TV with a bag of chips and a 2 liter.  As you ca tell, this kind of pissed me off.  I held my tongue and have not put my 4-year-old on a diet.  I wouldn’t even consider Miles chubby.  The kid is solid.  He is active. He has a well-rounded diet.  We actually like our pediatrician too, so Matt and I were ( and still are) a bit annoyed by his behavior.  Miles was   almost  11 pounds at birth ( if you didn’t already know that…).  This doctor has been with us since having Amara 7 years ago, so he knows our lifestyle…..  can you tell this is still on my mind.  Maybe writing about it will help  me get over it. ……maybe not.

wife- well, we had our date!  If a date means taking the kids to the mall so my date can get some new clothes 🙂   At least he gave me pizza for dinner!


Thursday: I took the day off!

Friday:  I had a nice hr zone interval training on the elliptical.  It was actually really challenging and fun.  I was not able to read a magazine though, because I was watching my HR the whole time.  The workout went something like this:

5 min warm up

2 mins ( HR goal – 148-158)

1 min ( HR goal- 158-163)

REPEAT 15 times ( 45 minutes total NOT including warm up)

1 min ( HR goal 148-158)

5 min cool down.

Here is what my HR chart looked like:   warm up/down not included here.

Saturday:  9 mile run.  Well almost 9 miles.  I was being a stickler for time ( 90 minutes was on tap) and not distance.  So different for me to not run the extra .03 miles to get 9!  I’m growing up…or something.  Today’s run had me in my zone 1 for 90 minutes.  That was a 148-158 HR goal.  My avg. HR ended up being  153- so it was right in the middle for the most part.  The pace went a bit faster than last weeks.  I hope that means something positive!   🙂


life– So I went to see all of the Twilight movies plus the new one.  It was kinda nerdy ( not the movie, just the hype).  The whole Twilight thing…but I guess I’m a nerd.  I had my nerdy buddy with me too.

Team Edward!

We had a lot of fun.  Really.  We were at the movies ( w/o kids!!) for over 9 hours.  We left the movies after 2 am.  And we weren’t drunk.   They should really think about selling alcohol there….  It was fun watching with Andi, because she never read the books ( gasp!)  so she was truly unprepared for what was to come in Breaking Dawn.  She was shocked, appalled and dismayed by it all! 😉 I think I had about 4.5 hours of sleep going into Friday.  I am not used to that.  I did find a sub for my Friday spin though.  Sometimes momma just has to party.  at the movies.  with popcorn, jimmy john’s, coldstone, pop, hot tamales and water!  I am not saying I had all of these things, but I know I had as least 5. 🙂 It’s cool though.  It was totally worth it.  I am still tired from that crazy night….


Thoughts about kids and BMI charts?  you already know what I think…

Team Edward or Jacob?  even though I know who wins..teach Jacob!  you have to vote for a native ( grand rapids baby!)

Have you ever been to a movie theater that sells alcohol?  yes, I have.  Best.night.ever. 


* I think over half of  people at the movies to see Breaking Dawn were not kids.  A lot of women my age and older.  Lost of horny ladies screaming when Jacob took off his shirt…it was hilarious!



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