Mid-Week Update….

Mom~  Halloween!  The kids had a great time.  It was much easier this year now that Miles runs from house to house!  We were done sooner.  Ha.  They got plenty of candy to last them until next year.  On most days the kids will each get 2 treats from their bounty.  I never ( ok, rarely) send candy to school with Amara in her lunch.  She did tell me she was the only kid last year that NEVER got candy in her lunch for snack.  
😦   Too bad kid!  I read somewhere that from Halloween until the end of November pediatritions see a lot of kids due to illness.  They link it to the over consumption of sugar– it weakens or slows down the immune system and makes getting sick easier.  Interesting.  Amara has gotten better at math.  Hallelujah!  She still tears up when she has to “study”, but that’s about it.  Tough break kid.  Aunt Lisa came to town and took Miles shopping for his birthday.  He now has pants that fit!  Miles has gone 2 weeks without a nap.  Yesterday was his breaking point.  I was tired of taking toys away and just put him to bed.  I let him sleep for about 1:15 minutes….. I woke him up and he was cranky for a good 45 minutes!  He’s like me.  I don’t really like those cat naps.  I need like, 3 hours and I’m crank -free good!

The kids. Miles always does hands on hips.... 😉

Tebowing- don't ask.. 🙂

Wife~  Matt and I had no date night on Friday.  I can’t even remember why or what we did instead…..   oh, we cleaned the house.  Fun filled Friday night.  After that he fell asleep on the couch while the kids and I watched The Sing Off.  Fun times I tell ya.  That’s about it.  I’m  a pretty lame wife.  Oh, I just remembered, I bought Matt a new pair of lounging pants.  He was wearing a sad pair of pants that had a rips and holes in them. I finally got tired of him complaining looking at them and found some at Marshall’s for cheap.  I think he likes them.  He better.

Fitness~ Friday= Spin class.  I taught another race day.  Whew.  Saturday= I was a power spin participant.  My 3rd race day of the week.  I don’t recommend that. 😉  Sunday= OFF.  I probably needed it, although I had intentions of lifting on this day.   Monday= Spin class.  Endurance + sprints equals a deceptively difficult profile!  The class enjoyed it..how do I know that??  They told me so! 🙂 Tuesday= morning elliptical warm up for 15 minutes.  Super quick full body workout:

Super sets-  3 sets

Pull Ups!  I only squeaked out 3 in a row!  ( unassisted– I need to do these MORE)

Kettlebell Swings ( 20# kettlebell)  20 reps


3 sets

TRX jump squats 15

Piston Rows (15/each side)

That is all!   I am super sore this morning.  I blame the pull ups and jump squats.

Andi demonstrating a TRX 1-leg squat - I think I might try that next time. 🙂

Tuesday PM=  short and sweet 3 mile run on treadmill..about a 9:20 pace or so.   I also did a few sets of abs and called it good.

Wednesday=  Yoga in my living room.  I woke up early and got ready for the gym.  I planned on running 3-5 miles.   Not so much.  I styaed home and did yoga instead.  It was called 10 lb. slim down.  It was power yoga.  It was good.

25 minutes of Ommmmm! It's been way too long.... 10 lb slimdown YOGA

I made it to the gym befor teaching spin to get my miles in. 🙂 Who am I anymore?!?!   I got a quick 2 miles in and went directly to teach spin.  It was a good warm up for class!    Spin intervals today at 10.  It was a borrowed class from Andi!  Good stuff.  It went over well.  I only changed a little bit…not on purpose I just screwed up!  After class I actually went back and ran 1 more mile!  I wanted to get in at least 3 as I had planned.  6 miles in 2 days.  That is just about a record for me lately!   No joke.   I am super sore.  I blame the pull ups.  They hurt so good.  I need to throw those in most of my workouts when I can.  I used to be up to 6 in a row.   I am at 50% now–lame!  truthfully, I am just happy to be able to do at least one.  They took for for ever to be able to do.

Life~  Nothing too new or exciting.  I have yet to call the vocal cord doctor.  I am really good at procrastinating.  It’s one of my many talents.  I have not called, but I am already full of it ideas for next year and races etc.  I have some nerve.  Some old, some new and hopefully a few out of town or state races.  I would like to make it an annual thing..taking a “destination” weekend for a fun race. Or 2.  Or 3.


5 thoughts on “Mid-Week Update….

  1. hi marcia…i met you in a spin class at the new Spartan Y about a month ago or so. i teach yoga and spin at the Visser Y and am now in the early Sat. morning spin rotation at Spartan. i’m wondering what a “race day” looks like in spin. i’m always lookin’ for new things to try and this sounds right up my alley 😉 also, what did the spin interval workout look like that you “got from andi”? i woul love it if you could share with me.

    peace – jami

  2. Destination idea—Hot Chocolate 5 & 15 K. Put on by RAM racing out of Chicago, and adding more cities for 2012. Sponsored by Ghirardelli. Makes for an awesome finish line. Chicago is quick easy weekend, but you can always pick a further destination if you wanna make more of it!

    Also, the have you done the Nike Women’s or the Women’s Running (magazine) Half series? They look like they have sweet SWAG. Nike even has a Tiffany pendant for a medal…

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