Treadmill, Upper Body and Core- A Workout


I started things off with a jaunt on the treadmill.  It went a little something like this:

5 minute warmup at 6.0 mph

5 minutes at 6.5

5 minutes at 7.0

2.5 minutes at 6.5

2.5 minutes at 6.0

( 2 miles in 18:54 = a 9:27 ish pace. )

Treadmill run stats. Check out all the 1, 8, and 5's! I should play the lottery.... 😉

I then moved on to upper body.

I was in the upper pool deck at my gym.  I basically went in without a real plan and just utilized the equipment that was already in there. 15# weights, 5# weights, stability balls and a medicine ball.  There was also a step and an exercise band, but I did not use those.

Upper Pool Deck "gym"

Here is what I did:

3 sets/ set 1= 8 reps, set 2= 10, set 3 = 8

Seated shoulder press

Stability ball push ups

Plank hold 30s/45s/30s


3 sets/ set 1=10, set 2=8, set 3=10

upright rows

triceps extension

side trunk rotations with medicine ball (abs)


3 sets

Front raise with 5# weights

set 1=25 reps

set 2=20 reps

set 3=15 reps

Biceps hammer curls

10 reps for all 3 sets

Basic crunch on stability ball

set 1=2o reps

set 2= 25 reps

set 3= 20 reps

This took about 20 minutes.


Upper body + Core stats.

It was a nice quick fly by the seat of my pants workout.  Sometimes those workouts just work.



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