Mid -Week Update

Mom~  This past weekend was spent going from store to store searching for Halloween costumes for the kids.  We had success!  And Matt did as well…I was worried that Miles costume would have missing pieces, but it turns out that it had an extra piece.  An adult sized cape with ears! haha!

More homework!  Amara did not do so well on her math test last week.  Lots of tears.  I blame the parents!  Crap, that would be me!  Well, I handed off math to Matt a long time ago, so let’s blame him.   😉    I think she will do well this week if she does not freak out.   Damn you subtraction!  She has improved immensely already.
Wife~  Friday Matt and I went out to dinner.  Twisted Rooster.  We only ever order the fish tacos.  I strayed from that once and was not disappointed, but the Fish Tacos is where it’s at!
Fitness~ So far this week I have taught only 4 classes. 🙂 I have been able to do more of my own thing though, so that is always nice. Sunday I completed some cardio and a weight workout .  Monday was spin class.  We did a pyramid style workout that I also turned into a half marathon.  We ened up riding 13.25 miles.  Close enough!    Tuesday was Healthy Bodies class where the ladies ran a mile for time and did mostly core work for the rest of class.  I did some core with the girls and before class I got on the awful stair master.  If I ever feel in a rut or just want a change – I get on that thing.  It was kind of fun though.  I was practically running on it for 20 minutes and kept a 155 HR average. I met Andi back at the gym later to finish my cardio and lift legs.  I ended up doing long intervals on the elliptical for about 20 minutes and then a slow incline walk + a gab session.  I then did a lower body workout from the most recent issue of Women’s Running.  It’s to wake up the glutes which is a good thing to do when you run.  The exercises included a lot of things I teach in my classes….the Bridge March, Leg Curl with stability ball, reverses lunges and dead-lifts to name a few.  My glutes are awake now.  Thanks very much.  After my workout I had half a protein shake and most of a new flavor Clif Bar.    

Wednesday was  race day in spin class.  I had a rather large class for race day.  Finally!   😉    It was a great race.  Pretty sure I won though.
Life~ I got a new hairdo. Not too new, but a little different. I got a little side bang action too. That means I will can wear my hair down more. It’s actually not annoying yet. It’s only been a week though.  I think I like blogging only a few times a week.  Even though these big posts take an hour or more.  I have to figure out how to fix that.  It’s Ok the kids are sitting in the living room.  Amara is reading to Miles.  Really.


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