Sunday Fun-day! 60 minutes in the gym

After taking Saturday completely off  ( gasp!!) I made it to the gym today.  It has been while since I was able to get on a cardio machine!  It was fun.  I also lifted weights today.  BEEFCAKE!!  I always remember why I love lifting when I am away from it ( away from a group exercise setting…)

Cardio- Treadmill 5 minute walking warm up.

1 minute ~ incline 5% speed 5.o mph

1 minute ~ incline 2% speed 6.0 mph

Repeat working phase for desired time ( I did it today 8 times)

5 minute Cool down with 0% incline slow jog or run for speed.
I did not cool down on the treadmill since I was not done with my whole workout.

Treadmill Interval stats

Upper Body Super Set Circuits

Super set=When you perform a set of a particular exercise, then move on to another one with no rest.

I did 3 sets of 10 with 45 seconds rest between super sets.  At first, I thought I was easing into lifting with choosing lighter weights, but by the end of set 2 I was glad I went as light as I did!

Circuit 1

Dumbbell Bench Press ( 20# DB’s)

Triceps Dips ( body weight)

Circuit 2

Ryan’s Awesome Shoulder Move– ( thanks Julie from PBF)   ( 12# DB’s)

Biceps Curls ( 12# DB’s)

Circuit 3

1 Arm Rows ( 20# DB)

Shoulder Flyes (8# DB’s)

Super Set Circuit Stats

Cardio Hill climb on program on Cross Trainer 20 minutes.  I was reading a magazine, and did not pay attention to the actual workout graph display.  I know it was fairly difficult, but not too bad! 😉

Cross-trainer Hill Climb Interval stats

Post workout GLOW!

When I arrived home I noticed we had nothing to eat.  Well, nothing I wanted to make quickly anyway.  I decided on a protein shake for quick recovery.

Post Workout protein shake- keeping it classy in my beer mug. 🙂

6 oz. Coconut Milk

Pumpkin Puree….just dump some in the blender

1 scoop of chocolate flavored Muscle Milk light protein powder

1 squirt of Agave nectar

1 pinch of xanthan gum – I used more than a pinch and had to use a spoon to eat my shake!   🙂

Most people add ice to their shake’s… Well, I tend to forget and I rather enjoy a nice warm protein shake.  Really, its good.


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