A workout, A recipe, and a WINNER!

About a week ago I taught a cardio sculpt class.  I gained inspiration from the Run Like  A Mother weight training workout!  As usual, I had good intentions of incorporating this routine into my routine. Well, let’s just say it has not happened YET!

Because it was in a class setting I had to make a few changes.  Here is the original Run Like  A Mother Workout first.

2 mile warm up

400 meter sprint at 5k race pace

12 Burpees

6 Chin Ups

30 crunches

25 squats

400 meter sprint

12 squat + press

squat +press

10 push ups on stability ball

12 tricpes dips

30 back ext. on stability ball

30 lunges + Biceps

My Cardio Sculpt Class

5 minute warmup

Stair Run ( 3 flights up/down)

12 Burpees

12 Lat pull downs with Body Bar

30 crunches

25 squats


12 squat + press

10 push ups on ball

12 triceps dips

30 back ext. on ball

30 lunges + biceps curl

We did this circuit twice.  I can’t remember how many times the book recommends.  It was at least twice!

I added some things to the end of this workout.

Inner Thigh Squeezes with stability ball

Pelvic Lifts

Circle or Boxer abs

Low back exercises

I think it went over fairly well….At least I liked it!  😉


A recipe!  I never actually write down an actual recipe.  I am a throw some stuff in a bowl and hope for the best kind of chef!

I made these little protein pumpkin bites last weekend on a whim.  They turned out pretty tasty.  The kids like them and everybody is still alive after eating them!  That’s my idea of a successful recipe!  🙂

2 cups almond flour ( left over from my stint as a Paleo gal)

1/2 cup + 2 Tbs pureed pumpkin

1/2 cup + 2 Tbs coconut milk

1/2 cup egg whites

1-2 Tbs agave nectar

optional add ins–cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, coconut butter , dark chocolate chips–  Yes, I added all of these things.

Mix and put in cupcake liners. 1-2 tbs per liner

Bake at 325* for 12-15 minutes.  take out ( don’t forget your over mitt). Eat.  Yum.


We have a winner!  Congratulations to #21…..Heather!   🙂   Please email your address and size    Let’s make sure we don’t wear our shirts to the gym on the same day…or maybe we should!  🙂


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