Weekend Update ( don’t mind the fact that it’s almost the weekend again…)

Mom-  Both of my kids are growing.  Now Miles is wearing floods.  A total fashion no-no.  And, yes, it does matter even though he is only 4! 😉  Time to hit the mall ( ie: the bags  filled with clothes that mom- in- law gets at garage sales).  Amara’s 2nd grade class is adding more homework. I may have already mentioned this.  Subtraction problems were on the agenda and she was not happy about that.  I don’t blame her school’s for fools,  but she did well.  I let her take her time to gain a bit of confidence.  I will wait until today or tomorrow to crush it when I whip out the stop watch and time her!  Ugh.  She is visibly stressed out by math.  Since Miles is now 4, he thinks that is the reason for EVERYTHING.

“Hey Miles I really like that picture”  —  “It’s because I’m 4″   ” How come you are being so naughty today” —-  ”  Because I’m 4″

” Wow! you ate your dinner fast and you did not complain” — ” I’m 4 now”  ——   He cracks me up.  Or he will offer up his own — I don’t hold my poop anymore cuz I’m 4.   Way to go and thanks for that information.   😉

Wife~     Matt and I finally went on our date.  We had been making sure we were hanging out ( without kids), at least once a week for a while.  Not so much lately though for whatever reason.  We drop the kids off at my dad’s for a few hours and we usually do fun stuff like run errands and/or get dessert.  Haha.  We went to see 50/50 on Friday.  It was a dramedy I think.  It was pretty good.  It had raunchy Seth Rogen from The Hangover.  He is a funny dude.  The star of the movies was Joseph Gordon – Levitt.  He’s that one actor that is in a lot of movies, but you never know his real name.  If you don’t mind sad/funny movies with some cursing, sex and drug use– this is the movie for you!  Oh, and the drug use is strictly medicinal!


Friday- Spin class at 5:30 am.  I repeated my Wednesday class as usual lately.  I used to repeat my Monday class, but I had a lady that would come to both Monday and Friday classes and I felt bad.  She never seemed to mind, but now I have not seen her in months in either class!  Sat- OFF!  Not by total choice, but sometimes that’s just what happens! 😉   Sunday–  8 mile run with Andi!  She ran her very first marathon and I met her at mile 9 ish to offer encouragement and company.  It was a perfect day for a race.  I was only a tiny bit bummed I was not racing too.  The tiniest bit.  I was glad I could help her and also take pictures of friends on the course.

Go Andi Go!

Monday–  Spin at 10 am.  It was a strength interval ride today.  Lots of hills and speed within those hills.  Totally Toned at Noon-  It was a workout that we did at least a month ago.  I keep track and make notes in the margins and change things up a bit to make it “new”.  Tuesday-  Healthy Bodies at 12 noon.  We did a kickbox and hi-lo circuit with weights.  It was fun and I challenged this group a bit more today.  It’s week 4 I think.  Time to kick it up a notch.  I think they like me.  haha.   They did a great job and most of them really stuck with it and pushed passed the point to when they thought they needed to stop– they kept going! 🙂  Cardio Sculpt at 4:15– A cardio circuit for 5 minutes and then a quick weight circuit– this was done 4 times.  A quick ab/core circuit to round it out at the end and that is all!  Wednesday- Muscle and Movement at 6am.  No almost passing out today!  Success!!  I felt I held back a bit for that reason, but 15-20 minutes into class I totally forgot about my almost fainting spells and just taught.  My heart rate did spike at times, but I never felt bonkers in the head.  We did mostly kickboxing drills with only 1 actual combination.  I also had a lot of new faces this morning.  That is always nice.  I had one of my regulars talk to me after class.  She wanted to assure me that I am funny and that she laughs at my jokes and is not sure why nobody else does!!  Haha!!  Thanks lady!  I should know your name, but I think it’s at the point where it’s too late to ask now…ugh.  Kind of like when people call me Marsha.  After a few times I don’t want to embarrass them.  Marsha it is… haha.  Spin at 10– Today we did an interval loop.  We repeated the same loop 3 times.  Each time I added a bit more intensity to the ride.  More new faces today.  A few serious riders that sat in the front row!  All  up in my face! 😉

Life~ No, I have not called the doctor yet.  I will because in order for me to figure out next year’s goals I need to know if this doctor can cure me. 🙂 In the meantime I plan on taking a break from running ( wait, I think I have been doing that for about 4 months now!!)  I do want to get back into the Human Performance Lab and go through the metabolic testing torture again to see where my fitness level for running and cycling are at right now.  I plan on really paying attention to my personal heart rate zones  this winter and preparing for next season.  I use my heart rate as a performance tool to better myself for my sports!  If my vocal cord stuff does not get any better at least I can do what I can to perform better.   Have you entered my giveaway yet??  Get on it…. ends tomorrow!



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