MIGHTy Tuesday -Thursday

MOM-Homework!  Every night.  It’s good though.  It’s a lot more than I had in the 2nd grade ( being that I never had any).  She is doing well and she passed her test ( she thinks).  Miles.  I want to cut out his 1 nap a week.  He only takes a nap on Wednesday, but he is up awake until almost 10 pm!  I guess that’s not too bad since it’s only 1x a week.  He still won’t sleep in though…..

Sports Sampler- Soccer Day!

WIFE-   We are trying to balance our activities this weekend.  Matt was going to go on a hunting trip from Friday evening to Saturday evening.  It is postponed due to expected high- winds….  so that means I can have my morning back!  Not really…I might be able to.  He will let me know ( soon I hope!)         🙂    I have big plans for Saturday since I don’t have to get up at 5:30 am and prepare for a long run!  

FITNESS- Tuesday started with Healthy Bodies class at noon. We did a track warm up and then I conducted a totally toned class. It was a full body class that used weights, stability ball and body weight. It got a little hectic in there as the majority of the class are beginning exercisers, but we all eventually found our way! 😉   Cardio Scuplt was next at 4:15pm. I did a sort of Boot Camp circuit that was actaully inspired from the awesome book Run Like a Mother ( more on that routine on another blog post).  It was fun.  We ran the stairs and did burpees.  Good stuff!

Wednesday~ 6 am Muscle and Movement.  I had another almost episode.  I was seeing spots and stars again.  I have no idea why.   😦  My face did not meet the floor ( whew).  It came on fast and  subsided pretty quickly, but, I need to get to the bottom of this pronto.  Moving on to 10 am Spin.  Intervals!   It was a fast paced fun workout today.  I had a bigger class for mid-week ( for me anyway).  Played a few new songs again too, that seems to pump me up as well as my regulars!  Thursday-OFF.  I went to bed early on Wednesday with a headache and woke up with a slight one as well…. hmmm.

LIFE– I still have not called the doctor.  For shame! I might be running a 10k this weekend.  I know??  Who am I?     😉    I also have 2 great opportunities coming my way.  One may or may not be a write-up about me for a cool site ( hint: RLAM).  My other possible opportunity might be a write-up about me in a nationally published magazine.  Lots of mights and maybes in my world, but I think they all might ARE a big fat YES!  Stay tuned…. I also have an upcoming giveaway.  Hint:  It’s pink and its fabulous.           🙂


4 thoughts on “MIGHTy Tuesday -Thursday

  1. I wonder if you are low on iron! Females in general are more prone to anemia, and athletes even more. Dizziness, fatigue, etc are all symptoms. Pick up an iron supp and see if that helps!

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