WIAW ( What I ate Wednesday) mostly…..I tend to forget things.

I could never be a food blogger.  I eat A LOT.   I am not embarrassed of that, but I can’t whip out my big ol camera to take pics at least 10 times a day.  So here is most of what I ate today.

1st breakfast:  protein shake with water, splash of coconut milk.  2 mini pumpkin muffins.  Apple    5:00am

( taught a class) 6am

2nd Breakfast:  old-fashioned oats, pumpkin, peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, coconut milk and agave nectar.  8:30am

(taught a class)   10am

snack:  Biscoff Spread ( died and went to heaven….for realz) Spread on 3 multi grain crackers.  9:40 am and 11:15am.

Lunch: salmon, Kontos Pico De Gallo Flatbread ( 16g protein!), krispy kale, spinach and red pepper strips  ( best lunch in a long time….so good) 12:15pm

snack:  almonds and an apple, small chocolate chip cookie.  spread out 2:30-3:30 pm

pre dinner: salad greens, spinach, red pepper strips, tortilla strips and Kraft Extra Virgin Olive Oil vinaigrette 4:30pm

Dinner:  Turkey Brat, bun, krispy kale (again!), roasted purple and green broccoli 5:45pm

snack:  handful of pretzels  9pm

I want to eat both of these things right now.  I can replicate the breakfast, but sadly, I ate the last of the salmon. 😦

Miles has come a long way with the foods he will eat.  Now it’s pretty much what we force cook for dinner.  He would never even contemplate eating a turkey brat even 6 months ago!  Amara frowned through her dinner today.  Well, only the brat part…she  was happy to eat the kale chips and the purple and green broccoli..  weirdos. 😉

So, there ya have it.  WIAW.  Don’t get used to it, it took me like 8 hours to write, edit, download and go crazy.     🙂

On tap for Thursday:  I have no idea.  It will be a surprise for us all!!

4 thoughts on “WIAW ( What I ate Wednesday) mostly…..I tend to forget things.

  1. New follower from fitblogger. Thought I’d pop by and say hello. I love this idea of keeping track but it can be time consuming to do posts like this. Really nice to meet you.

    • Hello to you as well! Thanks for stopping by! I agree…I think it is helpful ( for myself and others) to track foods for your specific goals, but it can be tedious and I tend to forget a lot… 🙂

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