Mom– Let’s see; since Friday what have I done as a mom?? More, like what haven’t I done?!??! ūüėČ I wish I did something so memorable that I could remember. But, I can’t. Maybe we did, but my memory has not been the best since I had them. Their fault. As usual. Sunday I took the kids to get Halloween costumes. No luck. I am trying to get them NOW since Matt and I love to procrastinate. So, naturally I am so all over this stuff early and we had no luck. We did have luck buying Miles winter boots ( notice, I am early once again..I refuse to go out in a snow storm at 11pm to get boots only to find out the boots are too small and that school was cancelled–NOT that that ever happened). I also got Amara 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of leggings. All of her pants are high waters. That is a big pet peeve of mine. Call me vein or whatever, but I think it’s dorky. I roll her too short pants up to make capri’s. ¬†That is not dorky. ¬† ūüėČ ¬†Amara brought home a folder full of homework for this week. ¬†We went over math flash cards tonight. ¬†She did great! ¬†She is stressed…she’s in 2nd grade. ¬† ūüė¶

Miles is¬†officially¬†a big boy. ūüė¶ ūüôā He is in a booster seat. ¬†He still has a bit of trouble buckling himself in fast enough, but he is getting there. ¬†He even got a big boy hair cut on Sunday. ¬†There was a sad pile of curls on our kitchen floor. ¬†I forgot to take pictures so that will have to wait.

Today after school the kids and I ran a few errands….you know a grocery store run because the dog ate a pound of¬†almonds¬†and a new bag of rice cakes. ¬†I heard him crying at 3 am. ¬† So I woke Matt up to see what the problem was….. good thing¬†because¬†there was almost a problem all over the kitchen floor! ¬†Crazy dog. ¬†He is old. ¬†Almost 8 on the 18th. ¬†After the errands we went to the park to feed the geese. ¬† Good thing I keep frozen buns and bread butts in my purse.

Feeding the ducks and geese

Wife~ ¬†Matt and I never made it to the movies or to dinner. ¬†BUT we all made it to The¬†Omelette¬†Shoppe for breakfast on Sunday. ¬†It was carb heaven. ¬†I had a hard time deciding what to order so I got the special. ¬†The Dessert French Toast. ¬†Yep. ¬†It was not a breakfast. ¬†It was like a cinnamon roll on steroids. ¬†Sprinkled with a bit of meth. ¬†It was too much. ¬†I left about 4 bites on my plate. ¬†Amara went with the Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes. ¬†These were the best pancakes I ever ate. ¬†For real. ¬†Not as sweet as I thought they would be. ¬†This might be our new breakfast joint since Perkin’s closed down ¬† ūüė¶ ¬† It was our “tradition” to go to Perkin’s after the 25k in May. ¬†I think I am set for carbs for the week. ¬†I could say I am carb loading for the marathon, but I’m not running one. ¬†Matt also spent Saturday processing a deer. ¬†I am on a deer strike these days. ¬†I am not sure why. ¬†I sometimes get grossed out with red meat in general. No real reason besides a few times a year it makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. ¬†But who really ¬†just thinks about red meat?? That would be weird…..

Fitness~ Friday part II! ¬†Spin class at the new Spartan Y. ¬†It was a lot of fun…well, after I panicked and had a member help me figure out the¬†stereo¬†( Thanks Kevin). ¬†I had a plan and it went out the window! ¬†Sometimes you just have to do that…after¬†learning¬†that 2 maybe 3 of the 6 people in class were new, I changed it up. ¬†I tried to make it¬†beginner¬†friendly but also needed to challenge my expert’s! ¬†I hope I did that! ¬†It was fun and new and I kinda like change ( when it’s the good kind). ¬†I never got to lift on Friday. ¬†Boooo!

Saturday~ a nice 10 mile run.  And by nice I mean that I was glad it was only 10.  5-6 would have been even nicer.  My stomach was all kinds of jacked up.  I think my breathing was fine at least.  Well, I hope my good running streak is not over.   SundayР OFF!  Much needed.

Monday- spin at 10 am. ¬†I had a packed class today. ¬†I only had 3 open bikes! ¬†I found it strange¬†because¬†it was in the 70’s today at that time..I would have been outside given the chance! I am not complaining tough, I love a packed class. ¬†Strength¬†today. ¬†Lots of climbing and¬†power¬†pushes up those inclines. ¬†I used some new music too. Thanks Andi! ¬†It was just what I needed. ¬†I used this version on Pumped Up Kicks today….I love it. ¬†Thanks Matt for this one! ¬†Check this dude out….

I think the class liked this version except for the lady that asked me to turn it down..as if lady. ūüėČ ¬†Totally Toned was at 12 noon. ¬†We did a nice little repeating circuit..first set was 20 reps then 10 then 20 for the first circuit. ¬†2nd circuit was 1 minute of 5 exercises 2nd time through was 12 reps and back to the 1 minute of work the 3rd time. ¬†They might have worked up a tiny sweat. ¬†I try to keep the sweat minimal since they¬†have¬†to go back to work…

No lifting for me today.  I  have a busy week ahead of me


Monday— spin and Totally Toned

Tuesday— Healthy Bodies and Cardio Sculpt

Wednesday— Muscle and Movement and Spin

Thursday-– OFF

Friday— Spin

Saturday— ???

On tap for Tuesday: ¬†I just old ya! ¬† ¬†¬†Healthy Bodies and Cardio Sculpt in case you missed it…

Life~ ¬†I still have to call the doctor about my breathing and all that. ¬†I a still procrastinating. ¬†I will call this week. Yes I will!!! ¬† ¬†ūüôā That is probably one of my biggest¬†stresses¬†besides Matt in my life this week, so I am pretty lucky.


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