Week Update…..

Yeah, so it’s been a minute…or 4 days!  Such is life…….  is that how that saying goes???

I have just been busy doing what I do…… a great time for me to update in my newer format (that I will only use when I feel like it)

Mom-  The kids are great!  Miles turned 4 yesterday!!!  I know….  I think I have been a bit down about it.  He is my baby.  But, he’s 4.  He’s not a baby and don’t ever call him that!   🙂  Don’t get me wrong, I want him to grow up (duh), I just know that was the last time I will have a 3-year-old.  Call me crazy, but I like kids and would have at least 2 more if I could trick Matt into it could!  Oh well..moving on.   Amara has a Hollywood Party at school today.  She gets to dress up and walk the red carpet and sign autographs.  It is a reward for her class for completing a lot of reading.  She is very excited about that.  I forgot about Amara’s homework due today….we normally do a bit each night and have it ready to go Friday….well it slipped my mind ( and apparently her mind as well).  I made her do it while eating breakfast…it took her about 45 seconds to complete.  Whew!

We are trying to get outside this week and enjoy the sun before it goes away for the fall.  I hope to hit up ArtPrize one more time with them before the art is put away.

I'm 4!

Wife-  Matt’s birthday was yesterday.  ( He and Miles share the big day).  He turned 33.  I was not sad about that at all!  He got himself a new TV.  It’s sitting in the living room in front of our current TV.   😉   His present from me?  Minimal bitchin’ on his special day! I can be nice like that for special occasions.   🙂  Hopefully this weekend we can go out to a movie or dinner or dessert.  We all went out on Wednesday to dinner as a family so maybe we can ditch leave the kids somewhere and party it up somewhere.  It will have to be on Saturday though, because I get up early on Saturday to run. Oh, but he gets up early on Sunday to fish or hunt.  Maybe we will just rent a movie so we can hit the sack by 11 pm.  #lame

Birthday Buddies!

Fitness~  I think I have to update starting with Tuesday.

Healthy Bodies. 12 noon–  The ladies did intervals on either the treadmill or the elliptical.  After a 5 minute warm up they pushed it for 1 minute and then took it easy for 2 minutes.  This interval was done for a total of 5 times.  They ended with a 5 minute cool down.  After the cardio portion did a nice upper body endurance segment ( we used light weights and did many (MANY) repetitions.  I used 7 lbs weights and by the end I wised I only picked up 5 lbs!

Biceps Curls (20 is reps–sometimes I lose count)

2 and 4 count bicep curls (12 -15)

Up right Rows ( 20)

Chest Press ( 20)

Triceps ext. ( 20)

2 and 4 count triceps ext. ( 15)

We then set the weights down and did weightless lifting!

We went though the motions of

Shoulder press ( 25)

small arm circles ( front and back)  20 per direction

Chest Press ( 20)

and 3 more shoulder isolation’s w/o resting the shoulders — at all!

Sounds easy??  Give it a try!

The girls ( myself included) were in some serious good pain by now.

That was the end of that.

Cardio Sculpt/4:15 ~  Interval type class today.  I incorporated some plyometrics in the mix today and was sure to give plenty of active recovery (today is was simplya step touch for about 30 seconds….) moments to get our heart rates down.

I then repeated the same upper body endurance I did with my 12 noon class.  I used 5 lbs the 2nd time around.  ugh.  My arms/shoulders are still fatigued from this double duty workout. We rounded it out with 25 push ups and abs/back and stretching.

5:30..guess what I did?? I ran!!  So out of character for me lately.  You know me, I like to be unpredictable!  😉  It was such a gorgeous day I had to do something outdoors.  Andi and I ran 4 miles.  I know.  Pretty far.  It felt mostly good too, so I am happy for that.

Wednesday~ My minds telling me Noooo! wanted to get to the gym, but my body was telling me to stay in bed. So I did.  Miles and I did get to the gym a little bit earlier than usual though and I was able to get in a good 25 minutes on the elliptical before teaching class.

Spin at 10~ It was technically an interval class, but we did most of it as an endurance.  So let’s call it an endurance interval class.  Oh, the only parts that might have not been endurance were the (2) four -minute Rider’s Choice sections.  I sometimes throw this option in a class when I can’t think of anything else to do want to change it up and let the music speak to them as an individual.  Some people really like this option, while others don’t.  I know the ones that don’t because they are watching me like a hawk and do what I do–even though it’s their choice.  That’s fine though….  I don’t mind.

Thursday~  Elliptical for about 20 minutes ( Miles and I went in early so he could experience the Fit Zone for the first time.. since he turned 4.  The kids graduate to the Fit Zone ( from the Kid Zone)…) I also did a sort of 2 part upper body workout.  Part 1 was before lunch.

Everything was done Pyramid style ( The repetitions decreased as the weight in pounds increased) 3 sets of 15, 12 and 8 reps

Lat pull down –

Shoulder Press-

Seated Chest Press-

Push ups one set of 25 ( on toes thanks) 😉

Lunch time!

Workout part 2

U completed each exercise 3 times with 10 reps before moving on to the next……

Bent Over Rows

Triceps dips

Lateral raises

Hammer Curls

Push ups (25-still on the toes dude)

That is all.

Friday~  Spin at 5:30am.  I repeated the same workout ( Rider’s Choice) as Wednesday.   I have to teach spin again today at noon and I hope to lift lower body.  Thanks if you actually read this whole long thing. 😉

Life~  Is good!  I am procrastinating on calling the doctor about the vocal cord fiasco……   I think ( I know actually) its because I am not expecting much or it will be bad news.  I know, way to be positive!  So, I just need to get going with that.  Next week……  probably.

On tap for Saturday~  RUN! High of 81 tomorrow.  I wore gloves and long sleeves last weekend!!   Pure Michigan.


Eatin' birthday cupcakes





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    • She had a blast at the party…she got to walk the red carpet and sign some autographs. Her teacher dressed up in a fancy ballgown too!

      Lazy?? Get real!! 😉

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