Early morning.  I woke up at 5:30 this morning.  I thought for some reason I could sleep in  a bit and still get ready and get to the gym and be home close to 7 am.  Sometimes I get a bit cocky!  I was not even out the door by 6 am.  I did not go back to bed though.  That in itself is a small victory!  As much as I don’t like at-home workouts ( due to my small living room and that I am unable to do any type of impact unless I want to wake everyone up), I did one.  It was strictly a core workout. A 40 minute core workout.  It was great.  It was something I would not do on my own for that long, that’s for sure.  I was done by 6:45 and did not have to get in the car and drive home – cuz I was already there.  I still have a few minutes to chill out before the Monday Madness begins!  🙂

10 Am spin.  I planned an interval class today.  It was mostly speed with only 10 minutes worth of hill climbing.  It was pretty darned challenging.  The class did great.  It was a smaller class ( 10) for a Monday.  It must have been the weather?!?!  😉   We are having an Indian Summer here in W. Michigan.

12 noon Totally Toned.  Small class today ( Hey T and M!!)  🙂   I tend to talk a lot when it’s a small group!!  I think they still got a good workout even though I was blabbering on about who knows what!!

Today for dinner I made 3- yes THREE batches of crispy kale!  One for Matt; I made his with red pepper flakes..although I was not expecting him to eat the whole batch ( ever hear of sharing with your wife???)  I made one for the kids seasoned with Mixed Up Salt and a 3rd batch for myself..seasoned with both.  I did the super hot rep pepper flakes so my kids wouldn’t want any.  It worked.  I am mean, but I got the whole batch.    🙂  Get your own ya freeloaders!   😉

The kids and I headed down to ArtPrize for a little over an hour to see more art!  I think it ends this week and the rest of this week it totally too busy to fit it in.  Matt was ( and still is) at his brother’s house processing Bambi  a deer.  So he missed out on all the fun!

Miles turns 4 on Thursday.  Matt turns 33 on Thursday.  My boys are gettin’ old.

Last year--Party Animals!

On tap for Tuesday:  Healthy Bodies and Cardio Sculpt.


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